Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Valentines playdough

Valentines day may be ridiculously commercial but i can't resist a little romance, so i have been doing a few Valentine themed things with Seb.
First up i made play dough in pale pink and red and dug out all of my heart shaped cutters. As well as the usual benefits to using playdough, Seb is picking up shapes at the moment and knows heart so was repeatedly telling me that it was an 'art,art'.  Using the same shape in different sizes is an introduction to basic maths skills and understanding things being bigger or smaller then each other. 
We played with this rolling, cutting out the hearts, fitting them back into the spaces we'd cut them from, layering them and putting the cutters into size order.
When Seb had enough he declared 'done' and the dough was put away for another day. 

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