Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Valentines sensory play

Of course i couldn't let Valentines pass without making a sensory tray!
 I dyed a bag of rice with pink food colouring and also added some vanilla essence to give it a lovely sweet scent, this went into one side of the tray, then I added in hearts cut from red holographic card, rose petals(these were actually from our wedding), heart sequins and some little pearl hearts(also from our wedding).
In the other side of the tray, i put in heart shaped cake cases, a heart bowl and some battery operated heart lights. 
Seb got quite excited when seeing the hearts, they are one of the shapes he knows and he proceeded to point at each one and tell me what it was. 
He made cakes by pouring rice into the cake cases, filled and emptied the bowl and switched the lights on and off many many times, something simple like this is great for practising fine motor skills.  

Alex also joined in the sensory fun, he loved watching and grabbing at the lights.

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