Thursday, 28 February 2013

Weaning rambles and recommendations

This week Alex turned 17 weeks old(already?!).17 weeks was when we started to wean Seb onto solids. He seemed to be ready for it and took to food right away, and really enjoyed the weaning process and still loves his food now. Though it was quite a young age to wean, it was right for him.

Alex however is a different baby, he is only just settling into a more regular pattern with his milk, taking 5 x 7ox bottles a day, this seems to suit him and he is not interested in food for now so we have no plans to wean him just yet. I am pretty excited to start though, there is something really pleasurable in seeing your baby enjoy something you have prepared.

We'll be using the bumbo to start as Seb still uses his highchair, he is really happy in it still so I'm not kicking him out of it yet but i don't want 2 highchairs cluttering up my kitchen so i guess the transition will have to happen at some point. 

Talking of highchairs i really recommend the Ikea cheapy one, it is very basic but this is the best thing about it, there are no nooks and crannies for food to get stuck in so it is easy to clean, no fabric(you can buy an insert if you wish) to get stained and you can even chuck in the shower to wash down if you have a particularly messy meal. We have one at our house and 1 at each set of grandparents, it's lasted us for 2 years with no problems and we'll be reusing it for Alex(we will get a new tray though).

I didn't use jar food with Seb and won't be with Alex either, i made my own purees and froze into ice cube trays(you don't need to buy the special weaning ones if you don't want too), i am hoping to give Alex mainly what we eat, as i cook for Seb anyway this should be pretty easy for me to do. I will have some Ella's Kitchen pouches in the cupboard, they contain no rubbish and are great for a quick meal or for when you are out and about.

I am going to dig out my River Cottage Baby and Toddler cookbook, this is a fantastic book, it has lots of info on weaning and despite the name has great recipes that the whole family can eat with tips to make it suitable for your baby or toddler, i much prefer this approach rather then making meals specifically for a baby. I originally got it from the library and then went onto buy it as i liked it so much.  I know many people swear by Annabel Karmel but she isn't really my cup of tea. 

I already have plates and bowls(Ikea again!) and spoons waiting to be used. I also have a variety of cups for him, Seb was a nightmare with cups and refused to tip them up so we would have to tip it for him until he worked out how to use the cups with a straw, therefore  i have loads of cups that have only been used once or twice. 

I still need to get a few tubs for taking snacky bits out and about, i don't know why but all the ones i had for Seb are missing lids, i also need some coveralls for him(carrot stains are so hard to get rid of!) and a messy mat for the floor.

What age did you wean? Do you have any book or product recommendations?

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