Thursday, 14 March 2013

Making bird feeders

I am a member of a facebook group for mums who had babies in November 2010, recently we've been getting crafty and one of the ladies posted how to make some simple bird feeders. 

Me and Seb had at them earlier this week and thought we'd share how they are done.

You need; string, peanut butter, apples, bird seed and a spoon
Take an apple and use the handle of the spoon to poke holes in it all over, make one of the holes go right the way through apple and then thread your string through and tie it. Smother your apple in peanut butter, pushing in into the holes you've made.
Then roll in bird the seed until you have a good covering. i put some of the seed into a tupperware dish and let Seb do this part.
Take outside and hang in the trees and wait for them to be eaten
I wasn't sure how much Seb would understand this but he really got the idea that they were for the birds to eat and kept going and checking at the window for the birds. 
Unfortunately we seem to have lazy birds here and they decided to only eat the seeds that fell on the floor,  however we have attracted a squirrel who we watched for about 15 minutes playing and eating one of the apples today, i hope he comes back!

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