Thursday, 28 March 2013

Marriage. 6 months in.

It was exactly 6 months ago today that Phil and i said our vows.
 Since we got married things have been pretty hectic,a month after the wedding i gave birth to Alex and we've moved house as well as having Seb's second birthday and of course Christmas. This means we've not had much time together as a couple but now Alex is getting bigger that will hopefully change a little, Alex will be spending the night out next month for the first time while we go to a wedding reception and while i'll miss him, it will be nice to let my hair down and spend some time together without worrying about the baby waking! I'm also planning a night away in a nice hotel for us at some point. 

Looking back at our wedding now, i wish i hadn't have been 8 months pregnant, the day was lovely but i was so sick during pregnancy and that included throwing up on my wedding day which was awful and of course my bump was huge and i had some swelling. I also wasn't keen on my dress and my original wedding dress is still at my parents house unworn(i can't bring myself to sell it!). 
However the main thing is we said in vows in front of the people we love and a wedding is just one day.

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