Sunday, 3 March 2013

Mothers Day Gifts and Ideas

Mothers Day is creeping up on us(March 10th for those who don't know) and the shops are full of things for Mum. 

Most mums i know would be happy with a card and a lie in but if you want to buy a little gift or do something nice for your mum then i have a few ideas based on little bits that i would like to receive.

Cath Kidston is always a winner for me. This little bowl(£4) would be lovely to keep trinkets in on your dressing table and the jug(£6) would be cute for flowers or make up brushes or of course to be used as a jug.
 I'm not hugely into personalised bits or mum jewellery but i love the look of these fingerprint charm pendants and would definately wear one, the one pictured is £79 from Not on the High Street  but they are available from various companies.
I drink tea but the bucketful so a mug with my child's drawing on would be a great gift, this one is £24 from a seller on Not On The High Street.
As i've mentioned before, i love a good bath. Lush have quite a few new bath products in for Mothers Day and Easter and these make ideal gifts. You could easily buy a bath bomb and add a few extras like a mini bottle of wine, hot chocolate or some scented candles and make a little pamper evening kit.
 Chocolates and flowers may be a cliche but they are a still a winner with me. A bunch of daffodils only costs £1 and will brighten up any room.

If you want to make a gesture rather then buy a gift then a nice breakfast is a great idea. 
Asda are currently stocking heart shaped waffles and crumpets for £1 which are very cute and would be ideal to serve up either in bed or at the table on a pretty plate and perhaps some flowers or the Sunday papers. 
 Another idea would be to bake a cake or some biscuits for your mum, if you're not a great baker then use a mix! Betty Crocker mixes taste great and are easily available. 

I hope i have given you some useful ideas for things to do or buy for your mum this year. Make sure she knows how special she is! 


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