Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Mothers Day

I figured as i'm a mum blogger, i really should do a Mothers Day post! 

On Thursday, me and the boys took my mum out for lunch as we wouldn't be seeing her on the day itself, she had a great time in the playarea with Seb and of course Seb loved playing with nanny and getting to eat a lovely fruit platter with chocolate dip. 
On Mothers Day itself, Phil was working so we didn't do much, though i did get a bit of a lie in and he did bring me breakfast in bed and i was also spoilt with chocolates, wine, flowers and the Cath Kidston jug and bowl that i posted about last week. Seb had made me a card and we also had chocolate cake that evening.
Sadly i didn't take many pictures just one of my card.
 I spent alot of the day thinking about those mums who sadly couldn't be with their babies on this day, particularly a friend of mine. Puts it all into perspective.


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