Monday, 25 March 2013

Sunday Snowday

Well the snow came this weekend and on Sunday we decided to get out and enjoy it. 
In our garden it was a foot deep which was great for Seb so we wrapped up and popped Seb's new(glow in the dark!) wellies on.
In the garden we made snow angels, built a snowman and pottered about, it actually wasn't very cold so was quite pleasant.

Back inside for a lunch of soup and fruit, then Phil watched the grand prix while i tidied a certain toddlers wardrobe, half his clothes are waiting to be washed at the moment, i can't get anything to dry!
Pasta and meatballs for dinner followed by homemade crumble and custard
Seb then had an awesome bath(this will be a seperate post!) and went to bed while i took part in the rather fantastic #pbloggers chat! 

Did you get out in the snow this weekend?

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