Thursday, 21 March 2013

Top That book review

Last week we were lucky enough to receive 2 lovely books to review from the fabulous Top That Publishing.
The books we received were Chloe Cow and Little Ronnie and Magic the Horse.
First up we read Chloe Cow, this book is about a cow who wanders away from home and looks for new grass to eat, getting herself into several scrapes. Seb loved that he could but his hand inside Chloe and bring her to life. Alex also enjoyed the cow puppet element,  giggling when we put her close to his face.
This book retails at £6.99.
The second book Little Ronnie and Magic the Horse, is gorgeous, a sweet story about Ronnie and the adventures he has with his rocking horse. Seb loves this book and has insisted on having it as his bedtime story several times already and has one of his horse figures is now called Magic. This book also has lovely illustrations which i always like to see in childrens books. 
This book retails at £5.99.

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