Thursday, 7 March 2013

World Book Day. Toddler favourites.

Today is World Book Day so i thought that i would post a few of our current favourite books.We have a huge number of books and I probably read 10-15 books a day with Seb and Alex, Seb brings me books throughout the day and then of course we have a book at bedtime.

Hoppity Skip Little Chick
This is a cute story about a chick who goes out to play in the farmyard with various animals, while his mum stays with her eggs, when he goes back he has brothers and sisters. We got this in a chairty shop for a bargainous 50p!

I love Elmer books, that elephant is so sweet! We only have this one at the moment but i'm hoping to build up a collection of them. 

Billy Beans Dream
Another charity shop bargain,this book has a sweet storyline and a twist at the end.

The Very Busy Spider
Of course we all know Eric Carle for The Very Hungry Caterpillar but his other books are great too. The variety of animals which appear and the repetiton in this book really appeal to Seb.

A Squash and a Squeeze
Again this book is by a well known author, Julia Donaldson of the Gruffalo fame. Seb knows all the words in this book, again there is repititon and animals in this story about an old lady who thinks her house is too small.

I have only pictured one of the Kipper books we have, but we have a whole set of them that came in a tote bag.They are quite long for a small child so we keep them for bedtime.

Whose Bottom?
Most children like the mention of bottoms, and this book appeals to that side with picutes of various animals bottoms and giving clues of who they belong too. We have some of the other books in this series too.

What is your little ones  favourite book at the moment?

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