Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Education, Education, Education

In November Seb will be 3 which means from January he could attend our local nursery/pre-school for 5 mornings or afternoons a week for free. 

I will say that i think the free 15 hours great and for many it is a godsend for all sorts of reasons but I have been dragging my heels on this and haven't put Seb's name down for our local nursery as I'm not sure that i want to send him yet. Seb learns so much from being at home, he is never sat watching the TV or playing on apps, even if i wanted him too, he is always far too busy playing or reading.  He is a bright boy and i think him leading his own learning has a part to play in that, this way of learning really suits him, of course i pick up on his interests and try to do things to challenge him and make him think, but he leads the way. He gets interaction with other children via trips to soft play, swimming etc as well as spending time with cousins(we have a large family) and of course now he has Alex too so I'm not worried about his social development. 
I am lucky that he while he is a typical toddler and has his moments of being a monkey, i don't really feel that i need a break, he isn't particularly challenging and we are quite happy as we are for now.  

By law he doesn't need to start in education until he is 5, so quite a way off but when he does start i am considering also home schooling for at least the first couple of years and i think if i started him at nursery now it would mean that i wouldn't home school as he would be in the routine of going to school. 

I would love to hear any thoughts on not taking up the free childcare for 3 year olds and also if you have any experience or information on homeschooling or good websites to visit as i need to do a lot of research around it before deciding.

Monday, 29 April 2013

Messy Monday #6

It's Messy Monday time again, where i invite you all to link up your messy and sensory play posts.
This week we had the tuff spot out again and used porridge oats to create a builder type play session. I thought oats would work well for this as they are nice and dusty.  We used wooden bricks, a wooden toolset and a dumper truck. It's amazing that by doing something as simple as putting toys we already own in a tuff spot along with some oats, makes them fascinating again.
Firstly Seb ran the oats through his hands and covered the bricks in them
 then he filled the back of the dumper truck with oats and tipped them out again, this was done repeatedly, at one point he piled oats on top of a large building block and used that to tip them in
 then of course he used his tools to do some hammering and screwing
 Finally he did some building with the wooden blocks, making some pretty impressive structures.

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Sunday, 28 April 2013

A night off!

Last night we hads a night off from being mummy and daddy as we went out to a wedding reception.
It was the first time that Alex has stayed out at night and also the first time Seb has been away since i was in hospital having Alex. My mum picked the boys up at about 3.30 so i spent the afternoon having a hot bath, doing face and hair masks and then spending time drying and straightening my hair.

I have a huge make up collection but it is rarely used these days, but i had a great time playing with it last night and i really need to make more of an effort to use it more.
I ended up using one of my favourite ever eyeshadows, MAC Stars 'n' Rockets and a red Chanel lipgloss.
 I wore my new white and black polka dot dress with red tights. a cardi and 5 inch heels. 
Dress-H&M, Tights- Accessorise, Cardi-Primark
Red heart necklace-ASOS(a present from Phil)
Caged heels-Topshop
Black clutch-Primark
We had a fab night, it was nice to be out and i even managed to drag Phil up for a dance.

Wine and sweeties, a winning combo

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Teething Bling review

Teething can be a horrible time for both baby and mum, disturbed sleep, sore gums, dribble everywhere and of course chewing on everything are all par for the course including on your jewellery.
Alex is now at this stage and i found myself putting away my necklaces, so they don't get broken and eaten. The only problem is, i then feel a bit naked as i love wearing a necklace to brighten up a plain dress, this is where Teething Bling comes in.
Teething Bling is a range of jewellery desgined to look good and be safe for a baby to play with and chew on. There are various items in the range including necklaces and bangles.
I was sent one of the signature donut necklaces to review and i was really curious to see what it would be like both for me and Alex. The necklace arrived nicely packaged and i was really pleased to see that although it is made of the same materials as most teething toys, the average person wouldn't know as it really looks like a necklace you can buy on the high street. 
 It brightened up my outfit and  i would happily wear it without baby in tow.
 As you can see Alex got the idea straight away, he grabbed the pendant and into his mouth it went, he loves chewing on the necklace and i am happy knowing that it is free of any nasties. It is easy to clean and i think it'll be really durable too. 
I've worn this every day since we were sent it and now have my eye on a couple of the other designs, especially the love heart pendant. 

If you would like more information, or to purchase some Teething Bling it is available from  http://www.smartmumuk.com/

**We were kindly sent this item to review, but all words and opinions are my own**

Monday, 22 April 2013

Messy Monday #5

It's Messy Monday time again, where i invite you all to link up your messy and sensory play posts.
 We've had a really busy week this week and that combined with Alex being up and down in the night means that unusually we've not done loads of messy play. 
I did however find the time to make a sensory tub for both of the boys based on the everyones favourite book The Very Hungry Caterpillar. I don't think there are many children who haven't read this story. 

In there box there was green shredded paper left over from Easter, green leaves cut of of sugar paper, tissue paper cut into hexagons as featured in the illustrations, a foam egg,  toy foods featured in the book, some butterflies and of course a caterpillar and a copy of the book.
 Of course Seb dove straight in, naming the things in the box and matching them up with the book. This was great for both his vocabulary and memory,  working out which items went with which part of the story. Of course we had to have a munch on the plastic food and finally arrange each beautiful butterfly on their very own leaf.
 I put some of the pieces on the floor for Alex to explore, let him feel the different textures on the fruits and a look at the bright colours in the book.
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Friday, 19 April 2013

Real Nappy Week- My wishlist

So i've shown you the nappies that i have, now for the ones that i want! 

We have a GEN-Y wrap already which i ordered just to try out and love it alot so i want to get a couple more, starting with this moustache print one :)
I also want to try out Blueberry wraps as i've read that they are really good. 
  I really want to invest in a swim nappy for Alex rather then using the disposable kind and this TotsBots one fits the bill perfectly.
I also would love to get a customised nappy for him, i'm thinking of getting one for his 1st birthday rather then buying yet more toys he doesn't need, and then it can go into his memory box.

Is there anything else that should be on my wishlist?

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Real Nappy Week- Our stash

As this week is real nappy week i am doing a few posts about our cloth collection. Today i am showing off some of my stash. 

Real nappies are no longer boring and white.
My stash is growing at an alarming rate, i never thought i would get so much enjoyment from buying a nappy but i love looking at all of the funky designs out there.
Before Alex was born we stocked up on Little Lamb nappies, they nappies are gorgeous, white and fluffy with a white or coloured wrap over the top. These nappies are lovely and work fantastically but there are so many fab funky nappies and wraps out there that once you start it is hard to stop and you could easily spend alot of money on them.
I currently keep my(erm Alex's) nappies in a huge basket on the shelf under his changing table but i think soon it'll be overflowing as i keep seeing cute ones to add to our collection. Here are a few of my current favourites in our collection.

My absolute favourite at the moment is this leopard print one, i can never resist leopard print and it makes me think of the Flintsones!

Trendy Tuesday. Hello Sunshine!

Well at long last the sun has made it's appearance! 
Although it has been very windy(especially as we live really high up) we have been making use of our garden over the last few days. We even broke out some of Seb's shorts. 

I saw these shorts in Asda and loved the colour of them, for £4 i thought they were a bit of a bargain. We paired them with a cream top with tiny skulls all over from H&M and some simple black pumps from Primark.

The perfect outfit for running around the garden, chasing bubbles and being thrown around by daddy.

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Monday, 15 April 2013

Messy Monday #4

It's Messy Monday time again, where i invite you all to link up your messy and sensory play posts.
This week we played with water beads. I did a post on these quite a while back and wanted to give them another go now Seb is older.
I delibrately kept it simple so that Seb could explore the beads. Unfortunately as it was ridiculously windy we had to this inside so i put them into 3 buckets in the tuff spot along with a spade. The biggest of the buckets was also full of water, which of course Seb emptied into the tuff spot right away(i can't beleive i didn't even think of that!) but he happily sat in it despite is bum being soaking wet, in fact he didn't want to get out.
He spent ages exploring the beads and using his hands and the spade to fill the containers, pouring the beads between the containers and of course emptying them back out into the tuff spot. 

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