Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Education, Education, Education

In November Seb will be 3 which means from January he could attend our local nursery/pre-school for 5 mornings or afternoons a week for free. 

I will say that i think the free 15 hours great and for many it is a godsend for all sorts of reasons but I have been dragging my heels on this and haven't put Seb's name down for our local nursery as I'm not sure that i want to send him yet. Seb learns so much from being at home, he is never sat watching the TV or playing on apps, even if i wanted him too, he is always far too busy playing or reading.  He is a bright boy and i think him leading his own learning has a part to play in that, this way of learning really suits him, of course i pick up on his interests and try to do things to challenge him and make him think, but he leads the way. He gets interaction with other children via trips to soft play, swimming etc as well as spending time with cousins(we have a large family) and of course now he has Alex too so I'm not worried about his social development. 
I am lucky that he while he is a typical toddler and has his moments of being a monkey, i don't really feel that i need a break, he isn't particularly challenging and we are quite happy as we are for now.  

By law he doesn't need to start in education until he is 5, so quite a way off but when he does start i am considering also home schooling for at least the first couple of years and i think if i started him at nursery now it would mean that i wouldn't home school as he would be in the routine of going to school. 

I would love to hear any thoughts on not taking up the free childcare for 3 year olds and also if you have any experience or information on homeschooling or good websites to visit as i need to do a lot of research around it before deciding.

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