Saturday, 6 April 2013

First tastes

We have started our weaning journey! 
Alex's feeding has been settled for a few weeks now and he sleeps well, so it seemed the right time to start trying him with a little food.
I'm well aware that purees are out of fashion in the weaning world at the moment but i have had my blender out and have been puree-ing this week. With Seb we did a mix of puree, finger foods and family meals and it worked for us, he will try any food we give him and he eats really well. So i am going down the same route this time. 

So far Alex has been trying single fruits or vegetables so he has had banana, mango and sweet potato and he has also had porridge. He has taken to it pretty well. We are using his bumbo at the moment but it's a pain as his cloth nappy means it's a tight squeeze!

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