Sunday, 7 April 2013

Gellie Baff!

A few weeks ago i took part in a twitter chat which included the creaters of Gellie Baff. Being a mum who loves the weird and wonderful world of sensory play i decided to order some after the chat and give it a go. 

Its pretty simple, you run a bath(about 5cm deep) and add the powder to the bath, give it a stir and your water turns into gloop. The only way i can describe it is that it's like wallpaper paste.
We put Seb in the bath and he was a bit unsure at first, so we showed him how he could pick the goo up and stir with the wooden spoons i had put in. After a couple of minutes he got the idea and loved it, piling up on the seat in the bath creating a gellie waterfall and filling up containers with the goo. I have to say i found running my hands through it really relaxing too.
I was worried that this would be drying for his skin but it wasn't at all, and once we had done with playing we added the dissolving powder that it comes with and it pretty much turns back to water which drains away, though we did have to shower Seb and the bath down after to get rib of stubborn bits. 
I wouldn't use this with a baby or child who likes to put things in their mouth but for Seb it was great fun. 

I love this product and though it isn't something i would use all the time, it would be a fun stocking filler or something to keep in the cupboard for a fun afternoon of play. 

After the twitter chat i entered to win some Gellie Baff and promptly forgot about it and this week i came home to a parcel containing another pack, which i can't wait to use!

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