Friday, 5 April 2013

If only i'd known...

 When i was pregnant with Seb i was pretty relaxed about giving birth, my mum has done it 4 times and my sister 5 times and i thought i would have a lovely natural birth and be home after a few hours like them and that i would breastfeed him until he self weaned.

I wish i had known that it might not go to plan. After 46 hours in labour, Seb was found to be breech and i was whisked off for an emergency c section under general anaesthetic. Having a c section hadn't even crossed my mind, i hadn't bothered to read up on them at all. 

When i came round from the anaesthetic, i couldn't hold my baby, i wish i had known that i could have asked for skin on skin time with him lying next to me or that my partner could have had skin on skin with him before i came round. I wish i had known the important of this and stressed to my partner that i wanted this to happen whatever the circumstances. 

I wish i had known how bloody difficult breastfeeding can be and that it was pretty normal for it to be difficult and i wish i had known of all the support that is out there rather then feeling like a terrible mother for giving up.

I wish i had known that i might not feel an instant bond when i saw my baby for the first time, that for some people that special bond takes time to build and that it doesn't mean you love your child any less. 

I wish i had known all of these things and a whole lot more.  Aptaclub have created a brand new app to support mums through the last trimester of pregnancy when they are preparing for birth, including a contraction timer and checklists, advice and tips. Click on the image below for more info and to download the app.
 This post is They Grow so Quick's entry into the Aptaclub ‘If Only I’d Known…’ competition

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