Friday, 19 April 2013

Real Nappy Week- My wishlist

So i've shown you the nappies that i have, now for the ones that i want! 

We have a GEN-Y wrap already which i ordered just to try out and love it alot so i want to get a couple more, starting with this moustache print one :)
I also want to try out Blueberry wraps as i've read that they are really good. 
  I really want to invest in a swim nappy for Alex rather then using the disposable kind and this TotsBots one fits the bill perfectly.
I also would love to get a customised nappy for him, i'm thinking of getting one for his 1st birthday rather then buying yet more toys he doesn't need, and then it can go into his memory box.

Is there anything else that should be on my wishlist?

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