Sunday, 14 April 2013

Real Nappy Week- Why we use cloth

Tomorrow marks the start of Real Nappy Week and as we use cloth nappies on Alex i have a few posts lined up this week. 

As a baby i was cloth bummed, back then it was terry squares with waterproof pants over the top and you had to boil them. Cloth nappies have come a very long way since then! These days cloth nappies are shaped like a disposable nappy and are just as simple to use.
A few years ago when i worked in a private day nursery one of the families uses cloth on their children, i found them surprisingly easy to use, no folding was needed as the nappies were shaped,  though i did still think they must be a faff with having to wash them. 

When i was pregnant with Seb, i looked into cloth, to be honest i found the whole thing confusing, there is alot of jargon and so many different types and websites and it seemed that while i would be saving money in the long run the outlay would be expensive and i simply didn't have the money to spend at the time plus we lived in a small flat where i wouldn't be able to get them dry. 

When i was pregnant with Alex i decided that this time i was going to use cloth, i knew we would be moving somewhere bigger and we didn't need to buy much else for him as we already had most things from when Seb was small. I researched and joined a forum and while pregnant i began to build my nappy stash.  He was smaller then we expected when born and we still lived in our old flat so we did use disposables on him for a little while but then we switched and now he is in cloth every day, though i haven't braved it at night yet.

I love my cloth nappies, i love that they are better for the environment, that they will save us money long term(especially as we plan to reuse on baby number 3) and naturally i love how they look as these days you can get any colour or design you like. They are so easy to use, my everyday nappies are Little Lambs which you simply put on like a disposable nappy and cover with a waterproof wrap, you can add "boosters" to these if you need too. Of course they are more work as you do need to wash them rather then putting them in the bin, but to be honest an extra wash every couple of days doesn't really make much difference to the huge amount of washing my boys produce and i love how pretty they look on the line when out to dry.

I'll be honest, i am by no means a font of all knowledge when it comes to cloth and  i still don't understand some of the jargon but i am enthusiastic and love showing them off!

Do you use cloth?

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