Thursday, 11 April 2013

Special delivery, our first tuff spot

On Monday, we got a special delivery, a tuff spot! 
These have featured in many blogs recently and i figured as we do alot of messy play we should invest in one, it'll also be great for when i have my nieces and nephews around and for when Alex is older and i have 2 to play in it. Seb was very excited by the delivery, i left it in the hallway for the day and he kept asking me what it was and poking at it.
I was pretty excited too, one of the schools i did some training in used these and the kids loved them, i couldn't wait to use it so decided to set up a dinosaur small world play area.
I used a bag of red lentils, a big of split peas, some dyed green rice and some cornflakes to make it crunchy.  I added some bits egg boxes that i had cut up and painted to make hideyholes for the dinsoaurs and then of course added a load of dinosaurs too.
 At first Seb was unsure about getting into the tuff spot and sat at the edge but after being told it was ok to get in he did and all day he kept going off into the kitchen to play with it and i could hear him playing, while i was feeding or changing Alex

 As well as playing with his dinosaurs, he really enjoyed the sensory aspect of this, both by running the lentils etc through his fingers and walking through it all crunching on the cornflakes.

 Naturally the floor ended up messy, but a quick hoover sorted that out and the tuff spot is still there for more dinosaur action tomorrow!

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