Wednesday, 1 May 2013

30 ways to save £1

This year sees the 30th anniversary of the £1 coin and MoneySupermarket are currently on the hunt for bloggers money saving tips.

Like most parents, i like to save money where i can, so here are my 30 ways to save

  1. Meal plan! I do a meal plan each week and only buy what we need for our meals, rather then filling the cupboards each time.
  2. Check out shops like Home Bargains for branded foods at a lower price. 
  3. Get to know your local shops and what they sell. There is a garden centre near my parents which also sells fresh foods. I got 3 punnets of strawberries for £1, bargain! 
  4. Bake your own cakes and biscuits, tastier and cheaper. 
  5. Make your own baby food, i have a whole bunch of purees for Alex in the freezer. It's cheaper and you know exactly what has gone into it. 
  6. Keep some fruit and a bottle of water in your bag for you and the little ones rather then buying while out and about. 
  7. Use your local charity shops, as well as clothes you can get some fab books, toys and homeware. I recently got Seb a huge floor puzzle for £2.
  8. Swap books with other people rather then buying new. I regularly swap books with my mum and sister in law.
  9. On the subject of books, use your local library! Why buy when you can borrow? At my local you can also hire dvd's cheaply. 
  10. On the subject of libraries, see what they offer for the little ones, my local does storytimes and crafty activities, all for free. 
  11. When shopping online i always look for discount codes, every little helps. Theres lots of websites to help you do this too.
  12. Sign up to cashback sites. I personally like Quidco, it is a great way to get a little extra back. 
  13. Get yourself Boots Advantage Card, Superdrug Beauty Card, Tesco Clubcard etc, as well as collecting points which you can spend, they will also send out money off vouchers.
  14. Pick up the freebie supermarket magazines, they always have vouchers in which are fab if it is something you want to buy.
  15. If you like branded clothes check out TK Maxx, they sell amazing brands at lower prices, sometimes you have to rummage but i've had some great bargains especially for the boys. I also love their homeware. 
  16. Sign up to sites like Zulily and Achica, where you can get some great brands at discounted prices in their daily sales. 
  17. Learn how to shop in the sales. Don't go crazy buying things because they're cheap. Put down the lime green leggings and instead search for things that will be used. Think ahead especially with childrens clothing. I have already got Alex a winter coat for this year, it is a beautiful wool duffle coat for £9 instead of the £40 it was originally, i know it will get lots of wear. 
  18. Sign up to receive emails from all your favourite shops, you'll be the first to know about sales and special offers.Also like them on facebook and follow on twitter.
  19. Accept hand me down clothes with open arms, they may not be your taste but could you use them for layering under other clothes or for just around the house? 
  20. On the same vein, once your baby has grown out of something, store it away for the next one. Many of Alex's clothes used to belong to Seb.
  21. Check out your local facebook selling pages, you can get some great bargains on these pages, especially on childrens items.
  22. Use cloth nappies. These really do save money in the long term especially when you use them on more then one chIld. Many local councils also offer moneyback shcemes. Oh and they are gorgeous!
  23. Use your washing line!  As soon as it is dry my washing is out on the line, it costs nothing and your washing smells amazing. Don't waste electric using the tumble drier when you don't need too. 
  24. Walk! Instead of jumping in the car or on the bus, think about walking instead, it is also good for you and the environment.
  25. Make your own playdough rather then buying it. you probably already have all the ingredients anyway, plus you can make all sorts of variations and it can be stored for ages.
  26. Make the most of your local area. Instead of expensive days out look on your local council website  for local events, free museums and art galleries. You might be surprised how much there is to do.
  27. Like your favourite restaurants on facebook and follow them on twitter, many will offer discounts.
  28. Make use of Orange Wednesdays at the cinema, if you're not on Orange, someone you know probably is! 
  29. Try to get a better deal on your phone or internet contracts. I called 3 and told them they were charging me too much and they offered me a much better deal.
  30.  Use Money Supermarket!!

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