Sunday, 19 May 2013

Ahoy there me hearties

When we moved into our house i couldn't wait to get the rooms sorted. We rent so decorating is out but luckily the house was newly decorated and cream walls and black carpet are pretty easy to work with! 

 I wanted a room that will easily adapt as he gets older, and figured pirates fitted the bill. There is quite alot of pirate-y decor out there at the moment but i didn't want to open a page in a catalogue and order everything matching and i am not a fan of charectery things so that ruled out quite alot of things too. 

We started off with the vinyl poster above,  we got this for Sebs first birthday party and i stored it away knowing we would use it again one day.
The bed is a basic single from Ikea, i think this is pretty much perfect for a first bed as it is low down to the floor, you can paint the bed frame and i really want too as i hate that the wood doesn't match but Phil isn't keen on the idea. The small chest of drawers were my parents, they match the wardrobe in the room and Seb loves storing random bits in them. The pirate bunting is from ebay, it covers two walls both at the head and alongside the bed.
We currently have 2 sets of bedding for the room, my favourite is the moustache print bedding and the other is black and white stripes. Both look suitably piratey with te addition of the Jolly Roger flag.
The blue cushion was homemade made using fabric from Laura Ashley, the Hello cushion is from Primark and the pirate was 99p from ebay!
Seb has a huge wardrobe, this was actually mine in our old flat but we got a new one so the boys inherited ours. I decided to get a pinboard for each boys room to fill with photos, artwork and souviners, it's a bit bare at the moment but it won't take long to Phil and Seb already loves looking at it.
I love these Instagram prints that i ordered, they look fab!
In the other corner of the room we have a toy area. The toybox has his train track, books and a few other bits, he has a megablocks wagon and then his soft toys are on the chair along with another cushion made from Laura Ashley fabric. The chair was a bit of a quirky find, i was orignally going to get beanbags but went to Ikea and saw this reduced to £10 and couldn't resist it. I painted a wooden skull and crossbones and stuck them onto the toybox to make it fit with the theme a bit more, i also have some wooden letters that spell out Shiver Me Timbers to paint and stick on the front.
Above the chair hangs a Japenese paper balloon jellyfish, i love this and it twirls in the breeze. 
The 2 black frames are also Ikea, the pictures inside are wallpaper. I ordered a roll from Laura Ashley(it has the same print as the cushion fabric) and cut it to size to fit the frames. I'm really pleased with how it has turned out, and we have lots of paper left over for colouring in!
And that is pretty much it! I still want to get a rug for the floor, perhaps a red circle one? As there is alot of floor space and i think it'll fill that a little.

How is your little ones room decorated?

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