Thursday, 23 May 2013


Co-sleeping has been a hot topic over the last couple of days.after reports from new research saying that bed sharing raises the risk of SIDS. (article here). Throughout yesterday there was uproar on twitter and on some facebook groups with people being both pro and against co-sleeping.

At some point all parents will have to decide if they are happy to cosleep, be it with a fussy newborn, a teething baby, a poorly toddler or simply a lifestyle choice.

I have always been pro co-sleeping; my mum did it and we did it sometimes with Seb though really he has always been such a good sleeper it was never a regular thing, more when he has been ill, in fact just last week i slept in his bed with him as he was ill and wanted cuddles, though as he is a big strong 2 and half year old i don't worry about sharing with him these days.

Alex is not the best sleeper, he ends up in our bed around 2 or 3 nights a week. Sometimes all night and other times he wakes up in the night and we put him in with us, we know he will settle in our bed and we will all get the sleep that we need and it also means he won't disturb Seb. Though i don't breastfeed Alex, he still likes to be close to us and i always think it must feel like the safest place in the world to a baby and i love having those extra cuddles and waking up to a little smiley face(or a foot in my face).
I have researched into the safest ways to share a bed with a baby in order to minimise any risks and follow them, there is some good information here.

I understand why professionals do not advise co-sleeping and nor would i slate them for doing so but i do think it is unrealistic not to expect parents not to do it. Surely would be far more helpful to advise parents that there are risks involved but if you do wish to bed share then there are ways of making it as safe as possible?

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