Friday, 17 May 2013

The potty

When your child gets to a certain age(usually 18months to 2 years) people start to mention the P word to you. Yes thats right..the POTTY! Everyone seems to have their own opinions on when a child should be dry and how to do it. 

Now i used to work in a toddler room in a nursery and while i don't claim to be an expert, i did learn alot. So many parents would force the potty on their child when the child clearly wasn't ready. This generally made potty training a long drawn out process that can become frustrating for the parents and upsetting and stressful for the little one. I don't blame these parents, the pressure to potty train can come from grandparents, other parents and even websites, all saying your little one should be doing these things. 

I vowed that when i had children, i would let them do it at their own pace. I didn't want it to be 'training' as such, more a natural development when the time was right.

Seb has been able to tell me for months when he had a wet or dirty nappy, he always come to the loo with me or Phil and shouts instructions at us "knickers down mummy" and we've talked about the potty and read lots of books and he knows where the potty is.   Recently he has been taking off his nappy and not wanting one on but not wanting to use the potty or toilet either(he will sit on it for a few minutes but hold it in), kind of frustrating and not very pleasant at times(huge poo on the kitchen floor!), his newest trick this week has been to put his hand down his dirty nappy and to show me his hand, he even put his poo covered hand in his mouth earlier this week(why?!!)

Anyway this evening i took his nappy off and cleaned him then gave him his fresh nappy and pj's to put on(i am not allowed to help anymore!) while i changed Alex. He pottered around a bit in just a vest, in the way children do when trying to delay bedtime then suddenly he grabbed his potty, sat down and did a massive wee! Cue much excitement from me, telling him how clever he is, and ringing nanny(Phil was at work) so he could hear me tell her how clever he is and we took it to the toilet and waved goodbye and then i got him a biscuit for being so clever. Lots of positivity!
I coaxed him into a nappy for bed and promised that he could use the potty tomorrow if he wants. 

Watch this space....

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