Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The potty...part 2.

After my last post on potty training, all went quiet on the potty front for a few days, we'd all been poorly(again), busy and Seb wasn't that interested, as before i didn't want to push him so let him lead.

On Thursday after lunch Seb decided he didn't want his nappy on, so i left him to it. He used the potty until bedtime, no prompting from me for him to go he just sat on when he needed to go, just lots of praise when he did use it.
On Friday he used the potty for the whole day, again i didn't prompt him, he just took himself over to it when he needed too and used it and again lots of praise from me. He did have one accident in the morning while he was busy playing but thats to be expected and i just cleaned it up and said nevermind, next time try and get to the potty.
The same over the weekend and we even got a poo on the potty which was great(you know what i mean!). Of course there have been a couple of accidents but thats to be expected.

Today Phil has been off work and it hasn't been as good, we've had more accidents then wees on the potty. I'm not sure if it has been due to Phil being at home or something else but i'm sure i'll find out tomorrow when Phil is back at work.

Once we are back on course, i'm going to try him with pants on, i think this is where it might get tricky for us, but we shall see....

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