Wednesday, 29 May 2013

TotsBots Parma Violet Potion

I won't lie, my least favourite part of using cloth nappies is the washing of them, putting them into the machine can be an eye watering job but needs must. To wash my nappies i usually use a basic sensitive non bio powder because obviously the nappy is on the most delicate areas and it works fine but it's a little boring :/

Shortly after the excitement of Real Nappy Week i saw that TotsBots had launched some scented nappy washes and of course i wanted to try it out so i placed an order for the Parma Violet scent along with a couple of other bits. I like that the potion is enzyme free and has been allergy tested.
When it came i had to have a sniff right away and yes it smells exactly like Parma Violets! 
I like the packaging, the potion comes in a cute tub with carry handle which means i can reuse the tub after for sand or water play. There is a scoop included inside plus a guide on the tub to show you how much to use depending on water hardness where you live. 
I popped my nappies into the machine, added the powder and set them off on their normal cycle(40degrees with an extra rinse), once the cycle was done, i took the nappies out and had a sniff. They smelt lovely and fresh with an underlying scent of sweeties and this scent stayed once dry too. 
 I ordered my potion from the TotsBots website but it is also available elsewhere. It also comes in a mint humbug version and unscented too. The tub costs me £5.99 and should last around 15 washes. 

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