Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Weaning update

Alex is really getting into the swing of weaning now. Apart from a short blip last week while teething he is doing really well. 
He is in the highchair now and it is so cute seeing him and Seb sat together and they often hold hands, although i do have to make sure Seb doesn't try and give him food. 

As i previously said i am giving him a mix of purees and finger foods and he enjoys both.He still mainly has fruit or veg but now also has snacky bits like rice cakes or carrot puffs, some breads and he has had some fish pie and also some chunks of turkey and pepper when we had a stir fry.

Today he had natural yoghurt with strawberry for breakfast, for lunch he had fingers foods including cucumber and kiwi and for dinner tonight he had brocolli and cauliflower cheese.

He loves mango and melon, particularly watermelon as you can see here in the photos.
 I've lots of purees made up in the freezer already so next week i'm going to make some healthy finger food bits that both the boys can have. I made loads when Seb was small but have been slacking recently! 

What foods did your little one love when weaning?

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