Sunday, 30 June 2013

Join Discovery Foods on Instagram and win!

The lovely team from Discovery Foods have joined Instagram @Discoveryfoods and whats more during July they are inviting people to post photos of meals created with Discovery products and each week 10 people will win a prize valued at £25. 
So get cooking some delicious Mexican treats and upload them onto Instagram and remember to tag @Discoveryfoods for a chance to win.
I've been sent some items from Discovery Foods to try out so you'll be seeing some of my meals both on here and my Instagram page @sebsmummy83

**I was sent some items from Discovery Foods to create some dishes, but all words and opinions are my own**

Friday, 28 June 2013

Potty training books and videos

 As you know Seb is now out of nappies during the day, and during that time wee and poo have been a hot topic in our house. I thought i'd share a post with some books and videos that Seb has enjoyed reading over the last few weeks. 

Books are great for those coming up to potty training and also during it, they can introduce the idea,  show what is expected of the child and reassure that using a potty is normal! There are loads of different ones available which is a bit overwhelming. Remember to check out the selection in your library as these books are only really used for a short time.

Our top 3 books are
 I also showed Seb a few videos on YouTube while training as he wasn't keen at first on pooing without a nappy on and i wanted to show him it was fine and normal. There are loads of videos on there! Some are downright odd but there were a couple that Seb liked watching. 

What books did you read to your little one about potty training? Did you use You Tube? 

Thursday, 27 June 2013

How to Make Two Ingredient Banana Pancakes

Today I am sharing how to make two ingredient banana pancakes. These banana pancakes are one of the boys favourite breakfast and they are great for babies too. They are ridiculously simple to make and taste delicious. They are also super healthy, having just 2 ingredients. They are gluten free, sugar free and dairy free.

Two ingredient banana pancakes

You simply need 1 large banana and 2 eggs. Mash the banana, beat the eggs and then combine the 2 together. Told you it was easy! The batter doesn't look very promising but trust me on this one.

Making banana pancakes

Pop a couple of tablespoons of the batter(these pancakes are best made quite small) into a hot pan(i use coconut oil to cook them in) and once the pancake forms flip it over. Once cooked put to one side and make another.

These pancakes are gorgeous and can be served with fruit, yoghurt, syrup or anything you fancy really! Strawberries or blueberries are a favourite to have with them in this house.

Banana pancakes with strawberries

Have you ever made two ingredient banana pancakes?

Wednesday, 26 June 2013


One of the perks of being pregnant is no periods but with both boys my periods returned around 6-8 weeks after them being born, i had a short break between the postpartum bleedingending and then my periods returned. 
After i had Seb my periods became quite erratic with gaps from 4-8 weeks each time, however since i had Alex they have been more regular which is a godsend but they do leave me terribly moody. 
Google Images
In the days running up to my period i become an emotional wreck, going from bursting into tears at anything even remotely sad to being really snappy with Phil for no reason at all. Of course i've had PMS before but this on a whole new level and it's awful, my hormones just take over and i turn from being my usual positive self into some negative other person. I try not to let the boys pick up on it, which means poor Phil bears the brunt of my moods :(

A quick google tells me that aot of women have the same issue after having a baby and just knowing that makes me feel a bit better. I've been thinking about trying some Evening Primose Oil tablets to see if they help.

Did anyone else get like this post baby or even pre baby? I would love to hear some tips.

Weetabix on the go

Did you know that 8 million Brits skip breakfast every day?
To me this comes as no surprise, i regularly skip breakfast, mornings are always hectic here; by the time i have given Alex a bottle, then given both boys breakfast, washed up, made up fresh bottles for the day and got myself and both boys dressed and more then likely dealt with some kind of tantrum,  there often isn't time or energy left to make myself something.

Weetabix have come up with a new solution to help those of us with little time in the morning. Using their expert knowledge they have come up with Weetabix on the go a new breakfast biscuit.
These biscuits come in 3 flavours and each box contains 5 individual packs of 4 biscuits making them both easy to grab on the go or to keep in your bag.  Each of these packs have the same nutritional value as eating 2 Weetabix.
 We were sent some to try out in both the Milk and Cereal and the Fruit and Fibre flavours.
So after the morning chaos had subsided i made a cup of tea and tried them out. They are a different texture to the average biscuit but have a lovely crunch and taste, i preferred the Milk and Cereal flavour but Seb also tested them and preferred the Fruit and Fibre flavour, in fact he ate 4 biscuits to himself(i do feed him, honest)! I would recommend having a drink with them as i did find them drier then a normal biscuit but still tasty :)
Weetabix on the go are available to buy now! RRP £2.29 More info available on the Weetabix website

**These items were sent to us for review but all opinions are my own*

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Where i blog

Where do you blog from? Do you have a desk or even an office?
Or are you like me, do you blog from the comfort of your sofa? I like seeing these posts on other peoples blogs(nosey i most certainly am!) so thought i'd my own.

We have a corner sofa in our living room and the seat right in the corner is my prime blogging spot. I have plugs right behind for chargers, a furry throw and some cute cushions.
There is a huge window for lots of natural light
And of course space for a nice cup of tea!
One day i'd like a space for a desk and decent storage for all our paperwork, it could be so pretty!

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Teething woes

With all the joys of being a mum there are also the rubbish times and the last few days have been pretty crappy.
Alex is in the full throws of teething which means super grumpiness, not settling for sleep either in the day or night unless on me and it came to a head yesterday when i couldn't put him down all day not even to make a drink or go for a wee, he would just scream and cry. Anbesol and Teetha don't seem to be doing all that much  for him at the moment and he won't chew on the usual cool foods or chilled toys to help. Even Sophie the Giraffe is being cast aside!

Of course you shouldn't compare your children but we were really lucky with Seb, he dealt with teething in his usual laid back way no screaming or sleepless nights so although all these things are normal they have come as a bit of a shock to the system.

I feel sad that Alex is obviously upset and unhappy and i can't seem to help but i also found myself getting increasingly frustrated yesterday as the day went on and on and  i was so glad when Phil walked in at 9pm and i took myself off to have 10 minutes in our room to wind down a little.
It's hard on Seb as although he quite content to sit and play on his own, i feel like i should be doing things with him rather then being pinned to the sofa.
Come on lovely bloggers, tell me your magical teething remedies?

Tommee Tippee Aeroplane Spoons

Open wide, here comes the aeroplane............
I wonder how many of us have said this to our little ones?

Tommee Tippee have recently launched some rather fab aeroplane shaped spoons as part of their explora range, these spoons aim to make mealtimes just that little bit more fun and interesting for babies and parents!
The plane shaped spoons come in packs of two and can be used right from the start of your weaning journey. 
  As we are currently weaning Alex i jumped at the chance to be sent a set of aeroplane spoons to try for ourselves and they are bright and appealed to both of my boys, Seb thought the aeroplane shape was great! . As well as the fab design i found them a dream to use when feeding Alex, I liked that the spoon part wasn't too deep which made it easier for Alex to get the food off and as there were two in a pack, Alex could have a go with the second spoon himself. 
These spoons are available exclusively at Asda priced £3.79 for a pack of 2. They come in blue or pink and are suitable for 4 months +
For more information see

**We were sent these spoons to test out but all opinions are my own**

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Kids Grow Wild!

This is our first year with a garden and so far we have been out there in the snow and the sun. Coming from a tiny flat to a good sized house with garden means we really appreciate having the outside space and this summer i'm looking forward to buying some toys for outdoors and having my nieces and nephews over to play. 

When i heard about the #kidsgrowwild challenge being run by Britmums and sponsored by MoneysSupermarket i knew it would be perfect for us as we are in the process of trying to brighten the rather bare garden up and gardening is a great sensory and learning experience for children.
Seb was sent a lovely gardening starter kit which contained all we needed to get planting. 
I set out the tuff spot with some pots, compost and the kit and we got to work. Of course being 2, at first we spent alot of time just filling and emptying the pots....
But then we got to the serious business of filling the pots, planting some seeds and adding a little more soil to cover them. 
 Finally we filled the watering can and Seb flooded the plants(and soaked himself and daddy in the process, mwahahah!)
 Second attempt with a bit of help!
 Seb is in charge of watering these and i can't wait to have some lovely flowers brightening up the garden :)

 This post is an entry for BritMums’ #KidsGrowWild Challenge more information here

Mama wears

Meet my bargainous new dress, i grabbed this when browisng the clothes in Asda, i love the bold floral print and also the zip detail on the back. I also really like the fact that it is a decent length so i can wear it bare legged(it was rainy when i wore it, hence the leggings)
Floral dress-George at Asda, Leggings-New Look
Coral cardi with lace detail-H&M
Flower and pearl bracelet-Primark

What are you wearing today? 

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Trendy Tuesday

This week i thought i'd share a few outfits that the boys wore while we were away last week. We were lucky enough to have some warm weather meaning the boys got to wear some of their summery clothes, yay!

Green check shirt-TK Maxx(i can't remember the brand) , Denim shorts-Primark, Hat-H&M, Trainers-Etnies
Cowboy print dungarees-Their Nibbs
  Stone Roses tee-Amplified, Pale pink shorts-H&M, White pumps-Primark
Hawian shirt-Matalan, White trousers-Zara(via ebay)
What have your little ones been wearing?


Monday, 17 June 2013

Messy Monday #11

It's Messy Monday time!
This weeks post is actually something we did a couple of weeks ago, really basic water play.
Sometimes i think in our attempts to stimulate our children with ever more and exciting activities , that it's so easy to forget how the simplist activities can be fun and educationial for them. You don't need to spend alot of money or time on creative things, sometimes simple works just as well. 

I gathered all of the plastic cups, plates, cutlery and pans from our play kitchen and put them into the sand and water table. I then filled it with warm water, a squirt of washing up liquid and a washing up sponge. This took less then 5 minutes and provided Seb with an afternoon of fun water play and the chance to imitate me and Phil.
 At first Seb did some washing up but he soon moved onto pouring the water using different containers and squeezing the water and bubbles from the sponge. 

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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Primrose Valley

So last week we took a trip to Filey with Phil's parents and brother and then left them to spend the week at Primrose Valley Holiday Park with my boys. We were lucky that the weather was mostly nice so it meant we could get plenty of fresh air.
The park is fantastic for young families, Seb loved the adventure swimming pool, the soft play centre and the outdoor park and lake. It was really well maintained and clean and the staff were really friendly.
I would recommend it if you're looking for a cheap getaway.

Now i won't bore you with hundreds of holiday photos but heres a few snapshots. 

 The view from the holiday park
Looking out to sea
Alex's first time in a swing
2p machines!
Watching the ducks at the lake

 We've said we'll go back to this park again, we didn't get the chance to try the other pool or the funfair which is onsite!

Fathers Day

Today we are celebrating Fathers Day. 
My boys are lucky enough to have an amazing daddy and also two grandads who adore them. 
Today we have treated Phil to a homemade card, a couple of presents and a lie in. 

To all you fabulous dads, grandads, brothers and uncles out there, pat yourselves on the back :)

Monday, 10 June 2013

Messy Monday #10

It's Messy Monday time again, where i invite you all to link up your messy and sensory play posts.
This week we revisited gloop, i first used gloop with Seb when he was about 15 or 16 months(see here) but we haven't used it since. So i got out the cornflower put it in a plastic tub and added water. I left it plain but you can easily add colours or glitters to the mix. I popped in some bits we got from a bucket and spade set and we went out in the garden to play.
Unusually for him, Seb wasn't keen on getting his hands into this so i was glad i did it in the tub rather than the tuff spot. He preferred using the toys i had put in to scoop and explore the gloop. The consistancy is nice for scooping and pouring as it's thick and gloopy(see what i did there?!). He still ended up with it up his arms and on his legs
I love this photo, he looks so cheeky!

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