Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Kids Grow Wild!

This is our first year with a garden and so far we have been out there in the snow and the sun. Coming from a tiny flat to a good sized house with garden means we really appreciate having the outside space and this summer i'm looking forward to buying some toys for outdoors and having my nieces and nephews over to play. 

When i heard about the #kidsgrowwild challenge being run by Britmums and sponsored by MoneysSupermarket i knew it would be perfect for us as we are in the process of trying to brighten the rather bare garden up and gardening is a great sensory and learning experience for children.
Seb was sent a lovely gardening starter kit which contained all we needed to get planting. 
I set out the tuff spot with some pots, compost and the kit and we got to work. Of course being 2, at first we spent alot of time just filling and emptying the pots....
But then we got to the serious business of filling the pots, planting some seeds and adding a little more soil to cover them. 
 Finally we filled the watering can and Seb flooded the plants(and soaked himself and daddy in the process, mwahahah!)
 Second attempt with a bit of help!
 Seb is in charge of watering these and i can't wait to have some lovely flowers brightening up the garden :)

 This post is an entry for BritMums’ #KidsGrowWild Challenge more information here

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