Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Lush Mermaid Bath Ballistic

When placing an online order i noticed they had a new bath ballistic out, not only that, but the money you spend(apart from VAT) on the ballistic goes to the marine conservation charity Sea Shepherd.

So of course, i ordered one! 

The Mermaid Bath Ballistic is priced at £2.50 so on the cheaper end of the ballistics that Lush sell. It is a cute mermaid design which i found quite appealing. 
Lush say  
Imagine a walk along a coastal footpath on a sunny day, with flowers blooming all around and the fresh scent of the sea on the breeze. That's the fragrance we've recreated here, using essential oils and other natural ingredients; the tang of lemon, a hint of lavender and a dash of seaweed absolute. Our Mermaid Ballistic is packed with fine sea salt and Arame seaweed strands that swirl around you, as the water turns to vivid blue. These are also rich in minerals that help soften the skin.

 I put the ballistic in the bath and it fizzed really well so i'm guessing it was really fresh, it turned the water a really gorgeous bright blue. There was ALOT of seaweed in the bath bomb which i have to be honest i didn't find that appealing, i think a smaller amount would have been better and just as effective. However once in the bath it didn't bother me at all and it didn't stick to me when i got out and it washed away easily.
I found the scent of this quite strong ballistic, it isn't my usual girlie type of scent, it's more unisex but i did find it really relaxing. 
 I probably wouldn't buy this one again for myself, but i think Phil would probably enjoy it and it could be a nice little gifty item. 
There is lots more info on the ballistic on the Lush site.


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