Sunday, 9 June 2013

Our house: The Master Bedroom

Many of you will know that we moved from a small flat into a house at the end of January. I knew when we moved that i wanted our bedroom to be girly, light and not to cluttered as our room in our old house ended up being used as a dumping ground due to lack of space.

We needed a new bed when we moved and went for king size so that there is plenty of room for the little people(though they still manage to use most of the space). It is a very feminine frame, and i have strung up some pearl lights around it, these are so pretty, great for reading in bed and make the room lovely and glowy in the evening. The only problem is Seb likes to play with them so they go wonky as you can see below complete with indents where he has jumped on the bed!
I was going to get some bunting to go above the bed but i think it might be a bit much as the frame is quite high

I have loads of sets of bedding but this set is probably my favourite, it's so pretty and washes well(boring but important). Add a throw and some pretty cushions and you're done.
 When i get up in the morning the first thing i see is my shoecase. I have so many pairs of shoes, this is a way of showing off some of my favourites rather then keeping them in boxes. The rest are stored under the bed. Seb loves this and often tries them on while waiting for me to get ready.
 The top of the chest of drawers serves as a little display area.
 Pretty photo frames, my birdcage, a couple of perfumes, a glass jar that i found in a charity shop for mini perfumes  a little bowl for odds and ends and of course a pretty vintage-y mirror.
 The picture you can see in the mirrors reflection was a random buy from Zulily before we had even moved, i just thought it was cute especially as we had only been married a couple of months

I struggled to get a decent photo of our light. so i had the steal a photo from the Next website,its basically a ball made up of flowers and casts really pretty shadows around the room

The wardrobe has loads of space inside, i hated the handles that came with it, so am on the hunt for some nicer ones, until then it will be handle-less. I want to get some pretty boxes to go on top for my handbags and scarves as at the moment they are a bit squashed with my clothes inside.
I have a long mirror to put in the room but i need to paint the frame first, i'm thinking a dusty pink colour would go nicely. I've also got some pretty candles in jars to go in the room too.

We live pretty high up and our house is right at the highest point on our road so we get some lovely views on clear days.  I love our bedroom, it is like a little sanctuary, in our old flat our bedroom was used to shove loads of random things in as we didn't have much space but here it is purely for mine and Phil's things along with the random Happyland people and books i find in my bed.

What is your bedroom like?

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