Wednesday, 26 June 2013


One of the perks of being pregnant is no periods but with both boys my periods returned around 6-8 weeks after them being born, i had a short break between the postpartum bleedingending and then my periods returned. 
After i had Seb my periods became quite erratic with gaps from 4-8 weeks each time, however since i had Alex they have been more regular which is a godsend but they do leave me terribly moody. 
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In the days running up to my period i become an emotional wreck, going from bursting into tears at anything even remotely sad to being really snappy with Phil for no reason at all. Of course i've had PMS before but this on a whole new level and it's awful, my hormones just take over and i turn from being my usual positive self into some negative other person. I try not to let the boys pick up on it, which means poor Phil bears the brunt of my moods :(

A quick google tells me that aot of women have the same issue after having a baby and just knowing that makes me feel a bit better. I've been thinking about trying some Evening Primose Oil tablets to see if they help.

Did anyone else get like this post baby or even pre baby? I would love to hear some tips.

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