Friday, 28 June 2013

Potty training books and videos

 As you know Seb is now out of nappies during the day, and during that time wee and poo have been a hot topic in our house. I thought i'd share a post with some books and videos that Seb has enjoyed reading over the last few weeks. 

Books are great for those coming up to potty training and also during it, they can introduce the idea,  show what is expected of the child and reassure that using a potty is normal! There are loads of different ones available which is a bit overwhelming. Remember to check out the selection in your library as these books are only really used for a short time.

Our top 3 books are
 I also showed Seb a few videos on YouTube while training as he wasn't keen at first on pooing without a nappy on and i wanted to show him it was fine and normal. There are loads of videos on there! Some are downright odd but there were a couple that Seb liked watching. 

What books did you read to your little one about potty training? Did you use You Tube? 

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