Thursday, 20 June 2013

Teething woes

With all the joys of being a mum there are also the rubbish times and the last few days have been pretty crappy.
Alex is in the full throws of teething which means super grumpiness, not settling for sleep either in the day or night unless on me and it came to a head yesterday when i couldn't put him down all day not even to make a drink or go for a wee, he would just scream and cry. Anbesol and Teetha don't seem to be doing all that much  for him at the moment and he won't chew on the usual cool foods or chilled toys to help. Even Sophie the Giraffe is being cast aside!

Of course you shouldn't compare your children but we were really lucky with Seb, he dealt with teething in his usual laid back way no screaming or sleepless nights so although all these things are normal they have come as a bit of a shock to the system.

I feel sad that Alex is obviously upset and unhappy and i can't seem to help but i also found myself getting increasingly frustrated yesterday as the day went on and on and  i was so glad when Phil walked in at 9pm and i took myself off to have 10 minutes in our room to wind down a little.
It's hard on Seb as although he quite content to sit and play on his own, i feel like i should be doing things with him rather then being pinned to the sofa.
Come on lovely bloggers, tell me your magical teething remedies?

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