Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Weetabix on the go

Did you know that 8 million Brits skip breakfast every day?
To me this comes as no surprise, i regularly skip breakfast, mornings are always hectic here; by the time i have given Alex a bottle, then given both boys breakfast, washed up, made up fresh bottles for the day and got myself and both boys dressed and more then likely dealt with some kind of tantrum,  there often isn't time or energy left to make myself something.

Weetabix have come up with a new solution to help those of us with little time in the morning. Using their expert knowledge they have come up with Weetabix on the go a new breakfast biscuit.
These biscuits come in 3 flavours and each box contains 5 individual packs of 4 biscuits making them both easy to grab on the go or to keep in your bag.  Each of these packs have the same nutritional value as eating 2 Weetabix.
 We were sent some to try out in both the Milk and Cereal and the Fruit and Fibre flavours.
So after the morning chaos had subsided i made a cup of tea and tried them out. They are a different texture to the average biscuit but have a lovely crunch and taste, i preferred the Milk and Cereal flavour but Seb also tested them and preferred the Fruit and Fibre flavour, in fact he ate 4 biscuits to himself(i do feed him, honest)! I would recommend having a drink with them as i did find them drier then a normal biscuit but still tasty :)
Weetabix on the go are available to buy now! RRP £2.29 More info available on the Weetabix website

**These items were sent to us for review but all opinions are my own*

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