Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Nine months in, nine months out

Alex is 9 months old today. He was born at 39 weeks 6 days so he has been in the big wide world for as long as he grew inside of me. 

From this rather big bump...
 to this rather mucky baby!
In 3 months time, he'll be one! Eeeeeek!

Monday, 29 July 2013

Messy Monday #15

Messy Monday is back this week. This is actuall last weeks post but due to my stupid laptop i didn't get it up.
As you may know we have recently paid a visit to a farm and since then Seb keeps chattering about it, esxpecially his pony ride and we have to look at his big book about farms every day. We have Happyland farm animals which are lovely but i wanted to get him some slightly more grown up ones so i ordered a cheap set and when they arrived i set up the tuff spot. I filled it with some porridge oats as a base,popped in our animals and tractors and a farmer then i added some spaghetti snapped up for hay and some cornflakes and macaroni pasta in the back of a tractor as food for the animals.
Needless to say, Seb dived straight in, feeding the animals, loading them up on the tractors and whelling them around. I love how he walks the animals along rather then just picking them up and moving them, so cute!
I left this set up for a couple of days and Seb ended up bringing his house into the tuff spot and various people including the queen. I love how he uses his imagine in small world play, making the people and animals talk to each other, have baths and even go to the loo.
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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Mama Wears

It's been so hot over the last few weeks and I've found it hard to know what to wear. 
Since having Alex i am bigger then i have ever been and i don't want to be flashing lots of flesh. 
I've been looking for maxi skirts and dresses but they are all so long on me(I'm 5ft) so when BonMarche contacted me asking if i would like to do a review for them, i headed straight to their website to see if they had anything suitable. 
BonMarche has the reputation of being for the older lady but on looking at their site i found that they stock lots of nice dresses. I settled on a black knot front maxi dress and waited for it to arrive.

 It came quickly and i loved it as soon as i put it on. It fits beautifully and was the ideal length for me.It comes in under the bust before flaring out which is so flattering. I paired it with some black wedges and my teething necklace for a family lunch out.
 I love the knot detail at the bust, it's really flattering and keeps my boobs secure despite Alex tugging at me.
 You can easily play with this dress and dress it up and down with your jewellery and shoes so it is quite a versatile item.

It is exactly what i have been hunting for, so thank you BonMarche for making a short girl maxi happy! 

**This item was sent out to me but all words and opinions are my own**

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Trendy Tuesday on a Wednesday

I'm having laptop issues at the moment so posting might be a little sporadic until i get things sorted out. We're not having much luck this week as our tv also broke on Monday so we've been TV-less! 
We had a really busy weekend with 2 birthday parties on Saturday and a meal out too. Alex is really feeling the heat so has mainly been living in a funky nappy and a plain tee so i only have photos of Seb this week.

For party 1
Kiss tee-Amplified, Grey-green denim shorts-Stella McCartney, Brown leather sandals-Zara
Quick change into this fab The Incredible Hulk tee from Little Sunflowers for party 2! 
For our meal out
Superhero slogan tee, denim shorts and pumps all from Primark
 He seems to have grown recently so i need to have a wardrobe sort out for him. New clothes, yay! 

My top royal baby buys

It seems everyone is cashing in on the birth of our future king and releasing products to celebrate. 
Of course there is the traditional china and glassware but there are also some more fun items out there for our little ones.

I wanted to get a couple of bits for the boys, and thought I'd post my favourite royal baby buys on here.

First up is this cute set from the Early Learning Centre. We love the Happyland range in this house so i had to order one of these sets. I can't wait for it to arrive!
 These two books are aimed at toddlers and are both available to buy on Amazon.. I've ordered The Royal Nappy one for the boys.
 Finally the Tots Bots Royal Flash nappy. This is a limited edition nappy released when the birth was announced and it sold out right away. I am so disappointed to have missed out, and some have already popped up on ebay for inflated prices.
 So these are my top buys. 
Have you been ordering any souvenirs?

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Messy Monday #14

Yes i know its Tuesday really! 
I didn't get a chance to write this weeks Messy Monday up before now :)
 This week i finally got around to making something that i've been meaning to do forever, i first saw it on a blog last summer and noted it somewhere in my head to try out. Kool Aid playdough! 
Kool Aid is of course an American product but it is becoming increasinly available over here. I got mine from an American sweet shop.
It was really easy to make. In a bowl i mixed 1 cup of plain flour, 1/4 cup of salt and 1 pack of Kool Aid, i then filled the cup with boiling water and a tablespoon of vegetable oil. I added the water into the dry ingredaints a bit at a time, i ended up using around 3.4 of the water. Then all you need to do is give the dough a knead and let it cool. I made mine the night before so stored in an airtight bag
This stuff smells seriously amazing! 

I set out the dough with a rolling pin and a bowl full of cutters and various types of pasta. 
First up, we had to sniff the dough and have a good feel of it. 
 Seb is now starting to understand about rolling the dough out and cutting out shapes from it and spent quite a bit of time doing that, though he had to push really hard!
 He also explored the different types of pasta with the dough, looking at the different patterns they made in the dough and making them stand up in it.
 I love this photo of Alex trying to get in on the action! Don't worry he'll be involved in next weeks fun :)

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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Should schools ban packed lunches?

On Friday a report came out saying that schools should consider banning packed lunches and encourage a higher take up of school dinners to encourage healthy eating.
Now we all know that there are issues with obesity and that some families diets leave alot to be desired but does that really mean that children should no longer be allowed to bring their own lunch to school?

Personally i think no. From a personal point of view i was a child who was a bit weird with food. My poor mum struggled with me, after having had 3 very good eaters. If i didn't like something(and I'll be honest that was most things) then i simply wouldn't eat it,no matter how hungry i was. At primary school i was once so stressed out that a friend tried to get me to eat some baked beans that i threw up everywhere, and i was a nightmare to take out anywhere or on holiday. I'm glad to say i did grow out of being such an awful eater(i still cannot stand beans though!) but we all know children can be fussy, what will happen to these children? Will it be a case of simply eat it or go hungry? Hungry children do not learn properly. 

Then there are children who have allergies, intolerance's, are vegetarian or vegan, don't eat certain foods due to their culture or religion or perhaps have other issues which lead them to be particular about food. How will schools manage to cater for all of this each and every day?

Another issue is cost to both parents and schools. 
The report encourages schools to lower the cost of their lunches, where will cutbacks be made to ensure children get a healthy, decent sized meal? 
Many families get free school meals(fantastic) but what about those who don't, perhaps with multiple children? They will have to pay for school meals taking a big wedge of money out of the family home each week when it is actually pretty cheap to make a healthy packed lunch especially when you are catering for more then one child. 

Obesity does not come from packed lunches, in fact many schools already say no to chocolate or crisps in lunchboxes, my own school only allowed milk or water as a drink and that was over 20 years ago!
There will always be people who don't feed their families well, in an age where you can buy a bag of 5 doughnuts for less then a bag of 5 oranges, then it is inevitable and forcing people to have school dinners will not change that. Why don't they leave people with the choice and instead focus on getting some really good education on food and health into schools; show kids how to cook, introduce them to a variety of foods by using them in the classroom when learning about the world, and get parents involved too.

Do you think schools should ban packed lunches?

Thursday, 11 July 2013

What's the hurry?

Alex seems to have grown up so much in the last few weeks.
He is crawling around and pulling himself up to standing and over the last couple of days he is attempting to cruise along the soft. He seems to be a climber, he has attempted the stairs and is always climbing up me or Phil if we sit on the floor with him. He chatters away constantly, claps and eats with gusto.
He seems in such a hurry to grow up, i think having an older brother to copy makes him more determined as he wants to see what Seb is doing and play with his toys. It is lovely seeing him developing and meeting milestones but i wish he had stayed a baby for just a little bit longer!

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

What i keep in my changing bag

I haven't done one of these since Alex was tiny and back then Seb was still in nappies. Since then the daily conetents of my changing bag has changed.

I'm still using my Pink Lining Yummy Mummy bag, it has the perfect amount of pockets both inside and out.
 First up is the practical stuff.
Pink Lining changing mat, Little Lamb nappy and wetbag, Tots Bots wrap, nappy sacks and wipes
 Spare outfir for Alex, spare pants and bottoms and socks for Seb
 Antibac handgel, Teetha granules for Alex, Nappy Creams by Burts Bees and CJ's, mini suncream
Muslin cloth and a pot with snacks in for both boys. They've already munched the rice cakes in there but there is one left along with a veg and oat bar.  Of course i add milk if Alex will need feeding while out
 Onto my things!
Moomin notepad and a pen, leopard sunnies, Cath Kidston tissues, cheapy mascara, concealer and some lip butter, Tangle Teezer, purse, phone and keys.
 What's in your changing bag?

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Trendy Tuesday

The gorgeous weather means that my boys have been mainly running naked in the garden however when we have been out we have been covering their dignity in some summer clothes.

I saw this tee last week and thought it was perfect for Seb! I just love these shorts, the colour goes with so pretty much everything.

Dude tee-Primark, Shorts-Stella McCartney
Another outfit from Seb from a walk into town on Sunday. His sandals got their first outing too, these are just gorgeous and such soft leather. Excuse his painted toes!

Guitar tee-Zara, Shorts-George, Sandals-Zara
While we were in town i popped into Boots and they had a sale on the baby clothes. I grabbed Alex this romper and hat(not that he will keep the hat on). I also got him another lovely romper that will no doubt be in next weeks post!

Monday, 8 July 2013

The new Graze Goodybox for kids. Try one for free!

I have posted previously ab out Graze boxes, i really like these boxes and they were particularly brilliant when i had Alex as with running around after both boys i sometimes found it hard to make time to eat. Seb has always had a liking for the snacks from my boxes so when i saw on the website that they were introducing Graze boxes for kids, i added my name to the waiting list as i knew it would go down well. 

Last week i finally got an email saying i could order a box and that as i had put my name down i could get my first one for free! Yay! It arrived on Saturday morning, perfect timing for a glorious weekend where we didn't fancy eating(or cooking) loads.

The box is the same size as a normal Graze box, letterbox size with 4 snacks. The box came in Sebs name and there was a game on the inside of the box.
The snacks that came were; Jaffa Flapjack, Say Cheese, Surfs Up and Ketchup Soldiers. I tried them all and can say they are upto the usual Graze standard.  I particularly liked the flapjack.
Perfect for eating with a spot of lunch in the garden. 

I have been given a code to share with my friends so that you can try a Graze Goodybox for free this month. Just use the code WX31CWHD and you will be able to order a free box even if you are an exisiting Graze customer. 

 **I received a free box as an exisiting Graze customer. I wasn't asked to do a review and all opinions are my own**

Whats for dinner tonight?

Whats on the menu in your house tonight?

Schwartz 2 in 1 range makes it simple to create delicious meals for all the family without needing lots of extra ingredients in the cupboard that you might not use again. They are an easy way to freshen up a typical weekday meal.
We were sent two of the 2 in 1 packets to test out. 
We tried out the Mediterranean Chicken Pasta with Cheesy Crumb Topping.
This was a lovely tomato pasta bake with chicken and peppers with a crunchy topping. I loved how easy and quick  it was to make a yummy meal for me and the boys and there were plenty of leftovers for the next day too.
Alex and Seb both tucked in eagerly!
I'm really looking forward to trying the Roast Chicken packet out, roast potatoes are my favourite! 

This post is an entry for BritMums ‘What’s for Dinner Tonight?’ sponsored by Schwartz. Find out more about the new 2in1 mixes here

**We were sent these items for the purpose of entering this competition but all opinions and words are my own**

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