Monday, 1 July 2013

Messy Monday #12

It's Messy Monday time.
This week i made a rainbow sensory tub up for both of my boys to explore. 
It was made up of strips of coloured tissue paper, pipe cleaners, feathers, some plastic balls, cups, a windmill and a book on colours. There were probably a few more bits that i've forgotton about!
First Seb was looking inside on his own and then Alex came over to have a nosey before tipping it over.

 Then both boys set to exploring the items in the tub. Alex just pulled everything out of course but Seb had a really good look, identified the colours, sorted some items into colour groups and used the feathers to try and tickle Alex.
 They both loved the windmill and kept fighting over it. I may need to buy another one! 
 Once we had finished with the box i cut up some of the paper and feathers and made a rainbow collage with Seb.  I love this, it's going to go up in the playroom(when it is finally sorted)
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