Monday, 29 July 2013

Messy Monday #15

Messy Monday is back this week. This is actuall last weeks post but due to my stupid laptop i didn't get it up.
As you may know we have recently paid a visit to a farm and since then Seb keeps chattering about it, esxpecially his pony ride and we have to look at his big book about farms every day. We have Happyland farm animals which are lovely but i wanted to get him some slightly more grown up ones so i ordered a cheap set and when they arrived i set up the tuff spot. I filled it with some porridge oats as a base,popped in our animals and tractors and a farmer then i added some spaghetti snapped up for hay and some cornflakes and macaroni pasta in the back of a tractor as food for the animals.
Needless to say, Seb dived straight in, feeding the animals, loading them up on the tractors and whelling them around. I love how he walks the animals along rather then just picking them up and moving them, so cute!
I left this set up for a couple of days and Seb ended up bringing his house into the tuff spot and various people including the queen. I love how he uses his imagine in small world play, making the people and animals talk to each other, have baths and even go to the loo.
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