Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Miniland review with DKL

We were recently lucky enough to be sent some items to review from toy distributors DKL. 
Miniland produce a range of plastic educational products from first construction sets through to science kits. 

The first product we were were sent was a set of mini animal puzzles aimed at children aged 2-4 years. 
In the box you get the puzzles(3 or 4 pieces each) and a guide for each puzzle showing the picture that it will make so your child can use it to look at or to lay the puzzle on top of.
Unusually for puzzles the pieces are made of thin plastic which is actually genius, they could take alot of battering, throwing and chewing without getting damaged and they'll be easy to clean.
Seb at 2.5 has always been very good at puzzles and can do ones with 30 pieces so i knew that he would find these quite simple to do and wouldn't need the guides and true to form he completed them within a couple of minutes with no guide or help from me(i think i have a problem solver on my hands). 
I think with a slightly younger child or one who isn't as confident with puzzles these would be great and the guides would really help them along without having to ask someone for help so they would get a real sense of achievement when completing the puzzle.

 The second item we were sent was a set of Pegs aimed a children aged 3-6 years.
 Basically you choose one of the picture cards, slot it into the clean pegboard and make a picture with the pegs by matching them with the card underneath.
 Although Seb is still only 2.5, i knew he'd enjoy this and he did, it was a challenge for him, he did the corners first which he found easy but when we moved onto the picture he found it harder which was great, i love challenging him and we spent quite a while playing with this and moving the pegs around before finally making our picture.
 This isn't something i would have necessarily thought about buying but it is actually the perfect toy for Seb, it is challenging for him but he also really enjoyed it at the same time and didn't get bored. It is great both for colour recognition and matching and hand eye coordination and fine motor skills.  We have done 2 of the cards so far and will be doing the others over the next couple of weeks.

For more information on DKL and the Miniland range and where it can be purchased, check out the DKL website

 **We were sent these items to review, but all words and opinions are my own**

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