Thursday, 4 July 2013

Products i'm using on the boys

Just as i like to chop and change my own bath and body products i like to do the same with the boys. Luckily neither have overly sensitive skin so i can easily do this.

At bathtime we are currently using Cussons Mum and Me Sleep Tight Baby Bath, this smells lovely and produces loads of bubbles so it wins all round :) I also use the Mum and Me Bbay Shampoo but i only use this on Seb, i just use water on Alex.
After the bath we are using Palmers Baby Butter on both boys. Palmers Cocoa Butter is something i go back to time and time again for me and the boys, i love the stuff, it smells just amazing and this lotion is great for this time of year as it isn't too thick. 
 Seb loves my tangle teaser and i use this on him every day, his hair is getting long and is getting quite thick and he still has his baby curls. This glides through and leaves him looking neat and tidy (for 5 minutes). I think he may need one of his own!
  Because we use cloth nappies, i have to avoid certain nappy creams. CJ's Butter is a fab cream that can be used with cloth and they come in fab sample size pots you can try various scents plus they are a great size for the change bag,
What products do you use on your little ones?

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