Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Trendy Tuesday on a Wednesday

I'm having laptop issues at the moment so posting might be a little sporadic until i get things sorted out. We're not having much luck this week as our tv also broke on Monday so we've been TV-less! 
We had a really busy weekend with 2 birthday parties on Saturday and a meal out too. Alex is really feeling the heat so has mainly been living in a funky nappy and a plain tee so i only have photos of Seb this week.

For party 1
Kiss tee-Amplified, Grey-green denim shorts-Stella McCartney, Brown leather sandals-Zara
Quick change into this fab The Incredible Hulk tee from Little Sunflowers for party 2! 
For our meal out
Superhero slogan tee, denim shorts and pumps all from Primark
 He seems to have grown recently so i need to have a wardrobe sort out for him. New clothes, yay! 

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