Friday, 30 August 2013

Project dressing table!

If you follow on twitter you will have seen me tweeting excitedly about winning a dressing table on ebay from an antique showroom.  They wanted £60, i offered £40 and got it. I wasn't even wanting a dressing table, and i'm not quite sure where i will put it unless i move my bookcase of shoes :/
 The mirror is huge!
It's currently in my hallway in 2 parts, waiting to be painted up when we have some time to do it(hopefully next week) I think it's going to be white with some pretty knobs instead of the handles and maybe some white lights around the mirror?

I'll be posting again once it is all finished :)

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Party Planning

I can't quite believe i'm writing this but Seb will be 3 in November and this year we're having a little party for him. He had a party for his 1st birthday to be honest looking back, it was a bit pointless as he was to young to enjoy it(Alex will be having a nice tea and a trip to soft play or something instead).

I'm never happier then when i have something to organise so i am already party planning. The party is going to be at our house and we've got about 20 people to invite, all the children are under 5 so will be happy enough with simple games and the toys in the playroom.

As Seb loves Batman and Superman, we've gone for a superhero theme(not fancy dress though)
I've ordered some invites so now i just need to decide on decorations, food, party favours and of course the cake! 

My pintrest account will be busy! 

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Everybody shouts

Everybody shouts is what my mum said to me this weekend when i was telling her how bad i felt that shouting is what i seem to be doing alot of lately and i wonder what my neighbour must think. 

Seb seems to have hit a difficult stage, doing everything he shouldn't and not listening to a word i say. I know that it is all part of being 2 and pushing his boundaries and becoming a boy rather then a baby but it is so frustrating and I've found myself shouting at him more then i would like. Tantrums i can deal with but his defiance at the moment makes me feel like I'm hitting my head against a brick wall when i ask him to stop messing around with the doors for the 20th time in a row and he replies with a very firm "No". He is like a mini teen and I'm half expecting him to come out with the classic "that is so unfair".

Poor Alex hasn't escaped unharmed.  Seb adores him and they have spent hours in our pop up tent this week giggling away, but he is still capable of bashing him on the head or pushes him away when he gets too close to his toys cue me cuddling a crying Alex and telling Seb he needs to be kind to his brother.

I generally try to be positive with him, give him lots of praise and use distraction but frankly at the moment that isn't cutting it! 

I am wondering if he is having some kind of hormonal change or growth spurt, he seems to be tired in the day despite going to bed between 6.30 and 7pm and getting up anytime from 7-8.30am. He hasn't napped in over a year and has always been fine and there is no way he would go for a daytime sleep now. 

 Of course underneath the defiant exterior he is still my gorgeous lovely boy who loves to sit and read books, do puzzles and randomly breaks into song :)

Trendy Tuesday

We're loving funky prints in this household at the moment.
I've been waiting for Alex to grow into this all in one for weeks and finally he can wear it! The print is amazing and so unusual which is exactly why i love it. 

Hansel and Gretal Print Romper-Liandlo @ Kyna Boutique
 I'm always on the lookout for trousers that will fit nicely over a big cloth bum and these ones from Zara fit the bill perfectly and the lightening bolt print means they were a must buy for me. 

AC DC tee-Next, Lightening bolt trousers-Zara
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Thursday, 22 August 2013

Cheese and spinach omelette

We love omelette's in this house, quick, easy and tasty and you can make so many variations. 
Our current favourite is cheese and spinach, it's a great way to get little ones eating spinach which is soooo full of goodness.
It always amazes me when people don't know how to make them(my husband for example!) so here is a quick easy recipe. 
For one omelette
2 eggs
dash of milk
spinach(i chop mine into small pieces)
grated cheese
butter for the pan

Beat your eggs and milk together and add your spinach. 
Heat your pan with a little butter until it is bubbling, then add your egg mixture into the pan. 
 Once it is solid and the bottom is golden, turn over in the pan. Sprinkle the grated cheese over. Leave on the heat until the bottom is golden. 
Fold in half and pop onto a plate.
 I chop mine into several pieces and give it to the boys as finger food.

What fillings do you like in your omelette's?

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Trendy Tuesday

This weeks Trendy Tuesday outfits are from the weekend. 

Saturday is from the seaside in the city event in Wakefield. Seb was actually mistaken for a girl in this outfit, though i think it was the longish curly hair!

Stripey tee-Marks and Spencer, Red skinnies-Matalan, Grey pumps-Primark
Sunday for our trip to the park

Mustard check shirt-Boden, Black skinnies-Asda, White pumps-Primark
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Monday, 19 August 2013

Sensory Dinosaur Swamp Bath for kids

What do you do on a Sunday afternoon when the baby is napping and you need some fun for the toddler?  Create a  dinosaur swamp bath of course! Well that's what we did anyway.

I won some Gelli Baff in a Twitter competition a while back and as we had used it previously in a normal bath and i knew Seb liked it, i had earmarked the new pack for some fun. Gelli Baff is basically a powder that you add to your bath water to turn it into a gloopy gel, it feels alot like wallpaper paste. I posted about it here previously if you want to see more about it.

I ran the bath and poured the powder in, gave it a stir with my hand and after a few minutes we ended up with thick red wallpaper style gloop. We then added all of our plastic dinosaur figures and some greenery and it looked something like this.

Seb was desperate to jump right in and scaled the side of the bath himself.  I had a couple of cans of Crazy Foam too so i sprayed a load of green and white foam into the bath too. It sat on top on the Gelli Baff and looked really cool!

Afer a little bit of playing the bath ended up looking like this! It was really cool how the foam kind of marbled on top on the Gelli baff. 

I didn't take loads of photos as obviously the camera and a splashing toddler aren't best friends but it was a great sensory experience. The different textures of the gellie and the foam kept Seb amused for ages and he did alot of lining up of his dinosaurs, raaaaring and even washing them, he kept asking for more foam and swirling it so it marbled and I showed him how to mould it too.  He stayed in the bath for nearly 2 hours! The gellie baff retains heat so he didn't get chilly. 

It was the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon. 

Would your child enjoy a dinosaur swamp bath? 

Sunday, 18 August 2013

The Weekend

This weekend was a family one, Phil had the whole weekend off(he is actually off until Tuesday!) so we made the most of it. 

Saturday started at 7am when Seb snuck into our bed and woke me up by kissing me on the nose. Possibly the best way to wake up ever!
We had breakfast and got ready to go out.  We got the bus into Wakefield where they had a special event bringing the seaside into the city centre. There was a beach, deckchairs, pirates and sailors,lots of little stalls selling things and even donkey rides and a helter skelter. Seb had a play in the sand, then we had a dance to a calypso band and some hot doughnuts. It was lovely to see so many people out enjoying the city centre.
We popped into the pub for some lunch before looking in a few shops and buying a few bits for the boys. 
On Saturday night we watched the Crazy about One Direction documentary, it was scary viewing to be honest :/ We liked bands as young girls but i think now there is twitter and facebook and so much information to be got hold of online, it becomes an unhealthy obsession for some. Did anyone else watch it?

 Today we've had a lazy breakfast of croissants and chocolate milk followed by a walk down the local park and then to Asda for a few bits. 
Alex had a huge nap, so we spent the afternoon giving Seb all of our attention making a dinosaur swamp(more on that tomorrow) and playing dens. 
Tonight is a bloggy night for me along with a large cup of hot chocolate(complete with neon marshmallows) I am also majorly excited to have won a dressing table on ebay, hopefully will be collecting it tomorrow :) 

What have you been upto this weekend?

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Schwartz Grill Mates and Perfect Shake

We're in the middle of August and everyone is barbecuing away everytime the weather cooperates. 
Schwartz have some fab products perfect for summer cooking and i was lucky enough to receive a selection to try for myself.

Perfect Shake is a range of seasonings which can be used over meat, fish or veg to add flavour. The range includes seasonings; Chargrilled Chicken, Piri Piri, Fish, Thai 7 Spice and Season All. They can be used on meat and fish before cooking or sprinkled on salads. These RRP between £1.63 and £1.82.
These seasonings come in small glass jars.  When opened they smell amazing, i like that you can add as much or little as you like to get a flavour you like. We've been enjoying the Season All on potato wedges and the fish seasoning on homemade goujons. I'm planning to use the Chargrilled Chicken on some kebabs next week.
Grill Mates is a range of marinades which give meat and fish a really delicious and unique taste. It comes in 4 American flavour combos ; Smoked Texan, Cajun, Mojito Lime and Deep South Brown Sugar. You simply marinade your meat and cook either on the BBQ or grill. These RRP at £1.
The Grill Mates come in sachets which contain enough to marinade meat for 4-6 people which is plenty for the price. We've used the Cajun sachet on chicken breasts and served with rice which was delicious, it was really easy to use, i just added water and oil to the mix and then marinaded the chicken before cooking.

I'll be posting several recipes over the next couple of weeks using these items to keep your eyes peeled!
 For more information and recipe ideas, visit the Schwartz website. 

**I was sent these items to review and feature but all opinions are my own**

Easy cheesy Salmon Goujons

We had some left over salmon that needed using up, so i thought i'd have a go at using it making some goujons for the boys lunch.  
I haven't put any measurements as i didn't measure and it really depends how much you want to make.

Salmon fillet(boneless and skinless)
Plain Flour
1 egg, beaten
Grated mature cheddar cheese
Schwartz Fish seasoning

First cut the salmon into strips
Set up a bowl of plain flour, one with a beaten egg and a final container with the grated cheese, breadcrumbs and seasoning. 
 Heat a little oil in a frying pan , dunk your first piece of salmon into the flour, then the egg and finally into the cheese mixture so that it's coated. Pop into the pan and then coat your second piece and add to the pan. I did 3 at a time. Flip them over once golden on the bottom and cook until the salmon is cooked(ours took about 4 or 5 minutes).
Here's Alex tucking in!
** Schwartz kindly sent me the seasoning but recipe is my own**

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Baby names 2012

Having a 2012 baby, i was pretty interested when the Office for National Statistics released last years baby name lists to see where my boys names ranked. 

Alexander went down to 27th place.. We knew it was a well used name when we picked it, i think it'll probably be used more next year being one of the royal babys middle names. His middle name (Rafferty) places at 211, i wanted this as his first name but Phil wasn't keen. 

The name Sebastian has been rising in the charts over the last few years. When he was born in 2010 it was number 58 and now it has risen to 41. It is still quite an unusual name where we live. I'm hoping it has peaked now! His middle name Oliver is of course number 2 in the charts, no surprise there!

Have you looked at the lists? Where are your childrens names?

Trendy Tuesday

This week the spotlight is on Alex. 
I had a huge sort out of his wardrobe over the weekend, giving it a good tidy and packing away all the too small clothes.

These knit leggings have had their last wear now beofre being washed and put away as they are getting a bit too snug. The vest wa a bargainous £4, fab quality and we also got the Rolling Stones version. Sorry for his wavy arm, he is never still!

Guns N Roses vest-George@Asda, Camo leggings-Stella McCartney
 I can't resist posting a photo of him in his first proper pj's. I got these a couple of weeks ago, i love them so much!

Sriped pyjamas-Primark
My next job is to tackle Sebs wardrobe, it may take some time!

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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Hot Dots Beginning Phonics review

If you read regularly, you'll know that Seb seems to have a liking for numbers and letters and the next natural step is learning about words. 

Hot Dots Jr Beginning Phonics Interactive Card Set is a great way of teaching children about letter sounds, rhyming words and both initial and ending sounds of words. It can be used alone as a card based activity or when paired with a Talking Hot Dots Pen(sold separately), it becomes a self checking activity. 
 We were sent a set of the cards and a pen to try out for ourselves. 
The cards come in a sturdy little carry case to keep them safe. In the box there are 36 double sided cards, asking various phonics based questions. I like that the questions are varied, the set is aimed at 3-7 year olds so it needs to have a range of difficulty in there. 
As Seb is quite young, we stuck to the cards with questions like, 'Find the picture that begins with S' I sat with him and we named the pictures on the card and this meant that Seb managed to get the correct answers. He was really concentrating on this which is usually a sign that it is challenging him.
As he gets older there are other cards to use, such as finding rhyming words or the ending sound of words.
The talking pen is a brilliant idea and Seb loved it. Each possible answer on the card has a black spot next to it and when you press the pen on your answer it lights up red or green(right or wrong) and says various phrases, sometimes it'll vibrate too. Seb found it great fun to use and i like that it fits neatly into the box with the cards so it won't get lost.
This is a really fun product that kids will love to use when learning about letters and words. The self checking nature of the pen gives children the chance to learn independently and in their own time.

For more information or to purchase Hot Dots Beginning Phonics visit  Learning Resources

**This item was sent to us for review but all words and opinions are my own** 

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Trendy Tuesday

I'm pleased to report that the lovely Alex is back from her break after having her gorgeous new bubba and that means the return of Trendy Tuesday. I do love kids fashion!

We didn't get upto much today, just a trip to Tesco, and i snapped a photo of the boys looking super cute in the trolley. Alex is really starting to look like Seb now he is getting older though his hair is fairer and he is a smaller baby as Seb was a chunky monkey.

Kiss tee-H&M, Red trousers-Matalan, Pumps-Primark
AC DC tee-Next, Skull tights-Slugs n Snails
I've been buying quite a few new bits recently stocking up for the boys Autumn Winter wardrobes :) There are so many sales on at the moment, i find it hard to resist! 

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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

A spoonful of sugar

A couple of weeks back a rather large gold box was delivered to my house. 
I wasn't expecting anything so was pretty curious to see what was inside! 
The lovely people at Tate and Lyle had sent me a bag of their new Golden Syrup Sugar, the sugar is part of a new range out including
Also in the box was this pretty cup and saucer, something an avid tea drinker like myself really appreciates!
 I can't wait to try the sugar in some of my baking, i'm sure you'll see it popping up in recipe posts on here soon!


Monday, 5 August 2013

Messy Monday #16

It's Messy Monday time.
I've posted about playing with waterbeads before and i always have a stock of them in the craft box. Seb loves putting the beads intto water to grow and going back to check on them through the day. To make our play a bit more interesting i froze about half of the beads we had soaked, some in giant ice cubes and some just on their own. The rest of the beads went in water in the fridge.
I popped the chilled beads into a tub and then put the frozen ones in too.
 Seb had a shock when he put his hands in, the cold water and frozen beads were colder then he expected!
 I added a couple of yogurt pots into the tub so that he could fill and pour which he always loves to do.
 The fozen beads were quite slow to melt so i did end up adding a little warm tap water in to speed it up a little bit! As they melted the beads went to gel rather than holding their bead form so if you want to freeze them please only do it if your little one won't try to eat the beads.
  This was good for showing Seb how things change in different tempratures and how warm can melt cold. A very basic science lesson :)
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