Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Baby names 2012

Having a 2012 baby, i was pretty interested when the Office for National Statistics released last years baby name lists to see where my boys names ranked. 

Alexander went down to 27th place.. We knew it was a well used name when we picked it, i think it'll probably be used more next year being one of the royal babys middle names. His middle name (Rafferty) places at 211, i wanted this as his first name but Phil wasn't keen. 

The name Sebastian has been rising in the charts over the last few years. When he was born in 2010 it was number 58 and now it has risen to 41. It is still quite an unusual name where we live. I'm hoping it has peaked now! His middle name Oliver is of course number 2 in the charts, no surprise there!

Have you looked at the lists? Where are your childrens names?

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