Thursday, 1 August 2013

Daniel Pelka

This week I'm sure many of you like me have been reading about Daniel Pelka this week as his mother and step father were found guilty of his murder. 

This little boy was beaten, starved, poisoned, and drowned over a period of time and in March 2012 he died aged 4, alone locked in a unheated, urine soaked box room. 
How could anyone do this to a helpless child? Let alone the people that were meant to be loving him, nurturing him and making his world a safe and happy place.
I have been following this case over several months as more and more information has come out about this child's life. How he was seen scavenging in bins for scraps of food, how he often had bruises and how he weighed just 30lb at the time of his death(Seb weighed this at around 18 months old). I have wept for him on more then one occasion, thinking about the fear and pain he must have suffered, it simply doesn't bear thinking about. I hope he is in a better place now.

I wish this horrific abuse had been stopped, i wish that everything in our system had worked correctly to save this little boy and i wish that it had never happened in the first place. I am not going to slate social services, they have an incredibly difficult job, they are understaffed, overworked and all to often there are rules and regulations in place which can make things even more complicated. Abusers are often very devious and deceptive making the job even more difficult. These aren't excuses, they are the truth and i hope lessons are learnt.

Thankfully cases of this severity are rare in this country but there are so many children who are taken into care from abusive or troubled homes. Many local councils are crying out for foster carers for these children.
Since i was quite young i have wanted to become a foster carer. Luckily Phil feels the same and once our boys are older it is something we want to do. I feel we can offer a welcoming, stable and happy family home for children who perhaps haven't had that before.  If it is something that interests you, take a look at your local councils website for information, you could make a huge difference to a child's life.

If you are seriously concerned about a childs safety please call the NSPCC on 0808 800 5000

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