Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Everybody shouts

Everybody shouts is what my mum said to me this weekend when i was telling her how bad i felt that shouting is what i seem to be doing alot of lately and i wonder what my neighbour must think. 

Seb seems to have hit a difficult stage, doing everything he shouldn't and not listening to a word i say. I know that it is all part of being 2 and pushing his boundaries and becoming a boy rather then a baby but it is so frustrating and I've found myself shouting at him more then i would like. Tantrums i can deal with but his defiance at the moment makes me feel like I'm hitting my head against a brick wall when i ask him to stop messing around with the doors for the 20th time in a row and he replies with a very firm "No". He is like a mini teen and I'm half expecting him to come out with the classic "that is so unfair".

Poor Alex hasn't escaped unharmed.  Seb adores him and they have spent hours in our pop up tent this week giggling away, but he is still capable of bashing him on the head or pushes him away when he gets too close to his toys cue me cuddling a crying Alex and telling Seb he needs to be kind to his brother.

I generally try to be positive with him, give him lots of praise and use distraction but frankly at the moment that isn't cutting it! 

I am wondering if he is having some kind of hormonal change or growth spurt, he seems to be tired in the day despite going to bed between 6.30 and 7pm and getting up anytime from 7-8.30am. He hasn't napped in over a year and has always been fine and there is no way he would go for a daytime sleep now. 

 Of course underneath the defiant exterior he is still my gorgeous lovely boy who loves to sit and read books, do puzzles and randomly breaks into song :)

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