Meet Fred.

When i was born, my brother who was 10 at the time used his pocket money to buy Fred for me, making him 30 years old this year, he is a bit worn around the edges but not looking too bad for his age.
During my life Fred has been everywhere with me, on holidays, to sleepovers as a child and i took him to uni. He sat on my desk during exams, has been cuddled when i broke up with boyfriends and
he even came in my hospital bags when i was having the boys. 

These days Fred has been adopted by Seb who prefers the name Freddie for him. He sleeps in bed with Seb and his various soft toys

That little pocket money gift from way back in 1983 is still bringing pleasure today. I wonder if he will be passed on to Sebs children in years to come?


This post is an entry into the Tots100/Roosterbank Pocket Money Competition.

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