Thursday, 8 August 2013

Hot Dots Beginning Phonics review

If you read regularly, you'll know that Seb seems to have a liking for numbers and letters and the next natural step is learning about words. 

Hot Dots Jr Beginning Phonics Interactive Card Set is a great way of teaching children about letter sounds, rhyming words and both initial and ending sounds of words. It can be used alone as a card based activity or when paired with a Talking Hot Dots Pen(sold separately), it becomes a self checking activity. 
 We were sent a set of the cards and a pen to try out for ourselves. 
The cards come in a sturdy little carry case to keep them safe. In the box there are 36 double sided cards, asking various phonics based questions. I like that the questions are varied, the set is aimed at 3-7 year olds so it needs to have a range of difficulty in there. 
As Seb is quite young, we stuck to the cards with questions like, 'Find the picture that begins with S' I sat with him and we named the pictures on the card and this meant that Seb managed to get the correct answers. He was really concentrating on this which is usually a sign that it is challenging him.
As he gets older there are other cards to use, such as finding rhyming words or the ending sound of words.
The talking pen is a brilliant idea and Seb loved it. Each possible answer on the card has a black spot next to it and when you press the pen on your answer it lights up red or green(right or wrong) and says various phrases, sometimes it'll vibrate too. Seb found it great fun to use and i like that it fits neatly into the box with the cards so it won't get lost.
This is a really fun product that kids will love to use when learning about letters and words. The self checking nature of the pen gives children the chance to learn independently and in their own time.

For more information or to purchase Hot Dots Beginning Phonics visit  Learning Resources

**This item was sent to us for review but all words and opinions are my own** 

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