Monday, 5 August 2013

Messy Monday #16

It's Messy Monday time.
I've posted about playing with waterbeads before and i always have a stock of them in the craft box. Seb loves putting the beads intto water to grow and going back to check on them through the day. To make our play a bit more interesting i froze about half of the beads we had soaked, some in giant ice cubes and some just on their own. The rest of the beads went in water in the fridge.
I popped the chilled beads into a tub and then put the frozen ones in too.
 Seb had a shock when he put his hands in, the cold water and frozen beads were colder then he expected!
 I added a couple of yogurt pots into the tub so that he could fill and pour which he always loves to do.
 The fozen beads were quite slow to melt so i did end up adding a little warm tap water in to speed it up a little bit! As they melted the beads went to gel rather than holding their bead form so if you want to freeze them please only do it if your little one won't try to eat the beads.
  This was good for showing Seb how things change in different tempratures and how warm can melt cold. A very basic science lesson :)
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