Sunday, 18 August 2013

The Weekend

This weekend was a family one, Phil had the whole weekend off(he is actually off until Tuesday!) so we made the most of it. 

Saturday started at 7am when Seb snuck into our bed and woke me up by kissing me on the nose. Possibly the best way to wake up ever!
We had breakfast and got ready to go out.  We got the bus into Wakefield where they had a special event bringing the seaside into the city centre. There was a beach, deckchairs, pirates and sailors,lots of little stalls selling things and even donkey rides and a helter skelter. Seb had a play in the sand, then we had a dance to a calypso band and some hot doughnuts. It was lovely to see so many people out enjoying the city centre.
We popped into the pub for some lunch before looking in a few shops and buying a few bits for the boys. 
On Saturday night we watched the Crazy about One Direction documentary, it was scary viewing to be honest :/ We liked bands as young girls but i think now there is twitter and facebook and so much information to be got hold of online, it becomes an unhealthy obsession for some. Did anyone else watch it?

 Today we've had a lazy breakfast of croissants and chocolate milk followed by a walk down the local park and then to Asda for a few bits. 
Alex had a huge nap, so we spent the afternoon giving Seb all of our attention making a dinosaur swamp(more on that tomorrow) and playing dens. 
Tonight is a bloggy night for me along with a large cup of hot chocolate(complete with neon marshmallows) I am also majorly excited to have won a dressing table on ebay, hopefully will be collecting it tomorrow :) 

What have you been upto this weekend?

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