Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Trendy Tuesday

This week the spotlight is on Alex. 
I had a huge sort out of his wardrobe over the weekend, giving it a good tidy and packing away all the too small clothes.

These knit leggings have had their last wear now beofre being washed and put away as they are getting a bit too snug. The vest wa a bargainous £4, fab quality and we also got the Rolling Stones version. Sorry for his wavy arm, he is never still!

Guns N Roses vest-George@Asda, Camo leggings-Stella McCartney
 I can't resist posting a photo of him in his first proper pj's. I got these a couple of weeks ago, i love them so much!

Sriped pyjamas-Primark
My next job is to tackle Sebs wardrobe, it may take some time!

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