Sunday, 1 September 2013

10 months old

Alex is now 10 months old!
A bundle of energy, he is never still. Even when having his milk he is constantly twisting around trying to see what is going on around him. He is a little adventurer. He loves to climb, into toyboxes, cardboard boxes, up the sofa, up the stairs anything is fair game. He is getting braver at standing unaided and is so desperate to walk, he uses his wooden walker trolley and speeds along and he can move between pieces of furniture confidently. I wonder if this will be the month that he takes the plunge. 

He still weighs less then 20lb and is firmly in 6-9 month clothes and will be for quite a while yet. His hair is getting long at the back is quite fair. He loves his food, has 3 big meals a day plus 4 x 8oz bottles of formula milk. He still has no teeth but it doesn't seem to stop him munching his way through all sorts of foods. 

His sleep has settled alot and he now naps in the day properly! He tends to be up 6.30ish then naps at around 11am for about 45mins-1hour and then goes to sleep at around 7pm while having his last bottle. Sometimes he wakes later in the evening but will easily settle with a cuddle. 
He still loves his brother, although Seb does get cross with him when he steals his toys or breaks apart a puzzle. They have such a bond and it is lovely to see it growing as they get older and Alex can do more although this does mean they get into mischief. Seb likes to do something he shouldn't and call Alex over to join in. They also have lots of giggles together, this week has mainly been spent hiding in dens and giggling and an empty cardboard box has proven lots of fun for them both. 
He is taking an interest in books now which is lovely, he also loves playing peek a boo, knocking down towers of brick and of course pulling all of the baby wipes from the pack.

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