Friday, 6 September 2013

Paper Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Can you believe we will have been married a year at the end of this month? I want to be traditional and stick with paper for our first wedding anniversary gift so. I've been busy browsing for ideas and thought i'd share some here.
Photo from Oh So Cherished

  • First up is the obvious newspaper. You can get a paper from the day you were married from quite a few places including you could get crafty and use the paper to make up bunting out of it or even just frame it. Lots of places sell these including this site. Alternatively you could put an announcement in your local newspaper to wish you partner a happy anniversary.
  • A print. A gift of a print means you are giving something that can be looked at  and enjoyed every day. The possibilities are endless, you could go for a poster print, an art print or even something personalised. Etsy and Not On the Highstreet both have lots of choose from.
  • Tickets. These can be as simple as a cinema ticket or as extravagant as plane tickets depending on your budget!

  • Vouchers. Again these can be simple homemade vouchers to give a massage, a promise to do the washing up; whatever you want or you could be more extravagant or give shopping vouchers or spa day vouchers. Groupon is great for finding spa days. 

  •  A cake!  Obviously a cake isn't made of paper but Bakerdays cakes come in a box that fits through your letterbox and includes a card. Look out for a review of these cakes next week.
Other ideas for paper themed presents include a book, a love letter or poem, paper straws(perhaps to go in cocktails?), a magazine subscription or even a lottery ticket (you never know!).

What presents did you give on your first anniversary?

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